Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious

Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious. An esplanade of vegetables in olive oil with diced bacon and succulent anchovy fillets are the ingredients that make up this tasty aperipizza.

It takes a couple of cloves combined with a good cup of chilled wine at incredibly whet your appetite.

Try it even you at home to prepare our appetizer pizza cut into wedges and serve steaming hot to your guests.

Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious
Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious

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As always she said my dear friend ... "learn the art and put it aside"!!

Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious
the delicious focaccia

Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious

Now for the preparation of this delicious cake.

Choose when purchasing a strong flour. Prepare the dough and let it rise for 24 hours.

The next day pull out of the fridge the dough balls and ... .stendetele giving it a diameter of about 30 cm.

Now add the succulent vegetables in oil, lean bacon cut into small cubes and chopped anchovy fillets on the surface.

At this point it's time to bake our pizza. I recommend, hot oven 300 degrees centigrade and off for 4 the 5 minutes, just long enough to brown the edge that will serve.





Aperipizza Focaccia Delicious

You will recognize in the video our friend Paulo intent to prepare this delicious cake last week in our school pizza. Paulo is already back in Portugal and is already preparing pizzas for its lucky guests in her beautiful restaurant. I take this opportunity to greet the pizza Paulo and remind him to send me soon a link to the site of his restaurant to add to this page.

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