Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

It 'a bit' of time now that I read in the papers that there are companies looking for pizza, say there are more than 6000 places available, the same news was also repeated on some TV channel at lunch on the news. In these times of crisis? If I let my strong doubts about it, on the contrary, I assure you that the crisis is also felt here. Despite all the web and around the shop windows, I get to see lots of posters from various schools that organize courses pizzaiolo in large quantities. We are talking about the catering sector, and in detail of pizzerias ...... I assure you that even here there is a severe crisis, and is felt. Just look around to see with their own eyes, how many pizzerias are already closed, and how many are in great difficulty. In Any Case, if there was a great demand, and are not found pizzaioli, I think it means that the salaries for those who make this art or craft are too low, this explains why "are not pizza", if you do this work, you are surely aware of the large number of pizza makers working abroad, in countries like the UK or Germany, where salaries are much higher.

Open a pizzeria
Open a pizzeria

Turning Italy for work, I noticed a phenomenon much more common in the north than to the south: The pizza makers are immigrants. We know that in times of crisis like this that we are living ... everything is permitted.

Who does this work, performs many sacrifices, and definitely will happen at all to say: I open my pizzeria.

Open a pizzeria

How much and what it takes to open a local commercial pizza slices?

Here's a quote, very rough, but that definitely helps us to better understand the situation.

An electric oven or gas costs 2500 euro

A fridge industrial costs no less than 1500 euro

A mixer costs about 400 euro

Furnishing of a pizza takeaway 5000 euro

So to put on the whole we manage with 12.000 € VAT included.

E? can purchase the equipment used, and save money, but less than this figure does not seem possible

To these costs must be added the recurring management costs

Rent the room




A pizza dish costs on average 6,50 euro.

So the pizzeria should sell about 50 pizzas a day, 350 a week to collect the minimum useful for survival (Personally I do not think there are many pizzerias takeaway that this average receipts) to have a monthly turnover of 9000 euro.

I repeat that these are estimates only lump.

Description Costs Revenues
Proceeds from the sale of 350 pizzas a week    9.000,00
Rent the room  1.000,00  
Energy expenditure  250,00  
Phone  30,00  
INPS flat 1st year  250,00  
Business consultant  100,00  
Salary committed  1.200,00  
Purchase goods  1.400,00  
Advertising 1st year  150,00  
TOTAL  4.380,00  9.000,00
VAT on sales  901,80  
VAT on purchases and energy (flat rate)  150,00  
VAT to be paid  751,80  
GROSS PROFITS  3868,20  
Estimated net of personal TAXES  2.800,00  


This is what is left to our manager, ...... but there are still many other things to aggiungeree I leave you to imagine what might be. Do yourself well your accounts, and reach a recessed average 350 euro per day to survive!!

It should? It is not for me to answer this question, but I think if a pizza is young and wants to get involved, this is the time to try.

Contact me for all the information you need, or for advice on 'start of your new local.

Open a pizzeria

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