Pizza Dough Boxes

Pizza Dough Boxes

Pizza Dough Boxes. Today we continue with our useful suggestions to obtain a perfect dough both at home and in the pizzeria.

We are talking about the very useful dough boxes that are used in all pizzerias after having formed the balls, these plastic boxes are used for the maturation dough.

Very useful boxes for storing pizza dough

All those who prepare pizza at home certainly already have this useful tool. For those who still do not have it here is how and where they can be purchased.

The dough boxes are available in different sizes, to be adapted to all types of fridge on the market.

Pizza Dough Boxes
Pizza Dough Boxes

Pizza Dough Boxes

Before making your choice, get yourself a measuring tape and measure the space available inside your refrigerator well.

Tip number one: Small size dough box, 30x40x10 centimeters high. Suitable for all home refrigerators.

Other dough boxes

Professional crates for pizzeria fridges: 2 boxes with lid with dimensions 60x40x10

Also this professional box for large pizzeria refrigerators, 60x40x10 with lid.

More choices

Another small size dough box 30x40x10, without cover. Caution, balls in the refrigerator must always be hermetically sealed, so we assume that you already own a lid.

Another type of home refrigerator box with small dimensions, i.e. 30x40x10 with lid, very reasonably priced and fast delivery in one day with Amazon prime.


As you can see, there is a wide choice to be able to make a perfect pizza at home as well. Follow our advice.

Instead for all those who want to improve or learn more about the art of pizza and bread making, a fantastic professional course is available in our pizza school. You will find all the information at this link.


Our courses are individual (one to one) suitable for everyone, whether you are planning to open your own pizzeria, whether you are simply a lover of this fantastic art.

Appointment in a few days for other very useful information on the fantastic world of pizza.

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