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Ranking of the most sought pizzas

Ranking of the most sought pizzas. We begin 2016 with a rather interesting statistic. Ours is a site that deals exclusively with pizza, so if we want to make a ranking of the most sought pizzas year there is no better place from which to draw in order to obtain valid statistics. One that we will submit actually, It is a ranking of the most read articles on our site, that is, what people have searched on Google more about the pizza throughout the 2015 and they have landed on our site.

First we try to understand what nationality originate these readers who seek information on the pizza:

Our website in the world

54% Italian

15% Brazilian

14% Spanish

10% American

7% Rest of the world

Ranking of the most sought pizzas
Ranking of the most sought pizzas

Ranking of the most sought pizzas during 2015: The most clicked articles on our site.


  1. At what temperature to cook the pizza
  2. The Pizza Capricciosa Original Recipe and preparation
  3. The Pepperoni Pizza Recipe and Preparation
  4. Recipe for Making the Perfect Pizza Slices in House
  5. Course Pizzaiolo online
  6. Dough for homemade pizza
  7. How to Make Croissants Filled with Salted Dough Pizza
  8. Topinambur in Cucina 10 Fantastic Recipes
  9. 10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
  10. La Focaccia Pugliese Recipe Mediterranean
  11. Oil in pizza dough
  12. The Delicious Pizza Carbonara Recipe and Preparation
  13. Which flour to use for pizza, desserts and homemade pasta?
  14. Pizza 4 Cheese Recipe
  15. Yeast or brewer's yeast for pizza dough?
  16. Pizza alla Romana Recipe scrocchiarella
  17. How to Make Oil Spicy House
  18. Electric stove or oven for cooking pizza?
  19. The Pizza Siciliana Traditions and Recipe

Ranking of the most sought pizzas


Examining this ranking, one can easily deduce that all the readers of our site can be classified as absolute “gourmets” in search of perfection.

At the top of the ranking of the most read articles, stands “at what temperature to cook the pizza” a very good article that contains lots of useful information, hints and tips on pizza.

The second place is occupied by the stable and “Classical” pizza capricious. To my surprise, in third place is the Pepperoni Pizza, famous all over the world, more than in Italy, pizza feature that provides for the filling with a thin sliced ​​beef salami, slightly spicy, just called “pepperoni”. This pizza is most needed and figure invariably in all the UK's menu, in the US and Australia.

In fifth place is the course of pizza Online. Are always more people who sign up to our valuable online course, if you know more, click here.

In sixth place, among the items sought, there is the classic recipe of the dough to make pizza. Twelfth figure supercalorica “Carbonara pizza”.

You can check at any time the statistics to date of this ranking, which it is available in all pages of the site on the sidebar “Black” left.

** data source: Google Analytics


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the pizza chef's hat

The hat Pizzaiolo

inseparable companion of all pizza makers, hat is the symbol of pride even if it is mistakenly seen by some as a constraint. What kind of hat you wear at work? The history of the kitchen is very old hat, dating back to 1829.

the pizza chef's hat
the pizza chef's hat

As you know (I hope), the skill of a chef does not measure the height of the kitchen wearing hat, High or low that it is often a simple matter of working comfort. It happened a few times to work in restaurants with a low hood, so it was impossible to work with a top hat. In pizzeria it is not recommended to use a high hat because of the pizza maker distinctive work, often having to bend down to pick up the wood to feed the oven, would fail to balance the tall hat, then, over the years were always more pizza makers who have worn the bag or practice bandana. Personally I use the paper bag, super hygienic disposable, Always stretch to perfection and also absorbs sweat. As an alternative to paper is very widely used non-woven fabric.

the pizza chef's hat
Sachet Pizzaiolo

The thing however that I consider very important is that whatever form you have chosen, and of any material whether made, do not forget that the kitchen is the color WHITE. In the kitchen, apart from the pants that can be blacks or pinstripes, the jacket and hat must be white. I fully understand that there is dirty easily, but….patience, when soiled, you changed.

The hat Pizzaiolo Conclusion

Touch, retina, cap, bandana, paper bag, of cotton or non-woven fabric, but it must be white.

the pizza chef's hat
the pizza chef's hat

If you want to know more about touqe blanche “the chef's hat” you can consult by clicking on wikipedia this link.

the pizza chef's hat
the pizza chef's hat

I hope I did all attracted the ire of those who wear the bandanna to look like a famous singer, with hair sticking out, or those who have bought (even worse) colorful hat matching the lapels of her apron pockets. KITCHEN / PIZZERIA = WHITE!!!!.

If you want to become an expert in making pizza at home for you and your guests, I suggest you subscribe to our professional course of pizza ONLINE. Clicca who.

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Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil. From green to pale yellow, the fresh taste reminiscent fruit and vegetables, spicy, sweet or bitter, strong or mild, its taste is pretty much determined by several natural and environmental factors.

This diversity of aromas, It makes olive oil perfect for any type of cuisine. The peoples of southern Europe, early adopters, They held the record of the lower rate of cardiovascular disease by practicing the Mediterranean diet.

Features Olive Oil
Features Olive Oil

The oil is distinguished in 3 main categories according to the degree of acidity and its purity:

Features Olive Oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil

The only vegetable oil obtained at the push, without any manipulation and without chemical additives. EAKD contains vitamins which have antioxidant properties and protective effect on cells. Acidity level below 1%.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

As the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not refined and has a degree of acidity equal to approximately 2%

  • Olive oil

E’ It composed of refined olive oil to which is added virgin olive oil to improve the taste. It has a degree of acidity of the maximum 1,5%.

  • Sansa oil

E’ Consisting of the pomace(processing residues from which oil is extracted through a chemical process)to which is added extra virgin olive oil in a non-clearly indicated.

Features Olive Oil
Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil

E’ Composed primarily of fatty acids momoinsaturi, Polyphenols, vitamina E e betacarotene. The constant use favors a lowering of bad LDL cholesterol and raising the good HDL of helping prevent cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis.

For pizza only used Extra virgin olive oil.

Want to know more on the oil? Go on wikipedia


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The Pizza More Long World

That record!!! The world's longest pizza.
The 20 June will be a date to remember for the Italian pizza makers. E’ It was realized the Expo of Milan a long pizza 1595,45 meters and it was therefore torn the previous record held by Spain 1141,5 meters.

The Pizza More Long World
The Pizza More Long World

The Pizza More Long World

Total weight of 5 tons.
The company was brought to an end by 80 Italian pizza with 200 volunteers. For the preparation of the pizza records were needed 5 ovens, a ton and seven hundred kilograms of Italian mozzarella, 1500 pounds of tomatoes, 150 pounds of extra virgin olive oil, 1700 pounds of flour and 30 pounds of yeast.
Cooking times? 3 minutes for each meter of pizza.
The pizza was offered to 30.000 visitors and expo 300 meters of pizza were delivered to the food bank in Milan.
With the completion of this Guinness record, we wanted to celebrate the birthday of pizza margherita that has made its 126 age, In fact it was the year 1889 when he was summoned to court by the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito then she prepares for the royal family of pizzas for her majesty the Queen Margherita of Savoy.

The Pizza More Long World
The Pizza More Long World

The Pizza More Long World

This primacy, It acts as a support for the candidacy international registration of pizza in the unesco list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
For those who do not is Acquaintances, the business of pizza has achieved in the Itala 10 billion euro, account 63 thousand pizzerias and employs 150 thousand employees. Furthermore, the 39 percent of Italians believe that the pizza is the culinary symbol of Italy according to the website of coldiretti , after all the pizza is the best known Italian word abroad, followed by cappuccino, spaghetti and espresso.
For more information, read the article RaiNews

If you are interested in preparing your home a perfect pizza margherita, please read our previous article on how to prepare a pizza margherita perfect.

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The Pizza More Long World
The Pizza More Long World
against pizza sandwich

Pizza against Sandwich

Pizza sandwich against Mc Donald
After transmission Report dedicated to the pizza that has angered millions of Italians, Also giant McDonald has turned against the pizza, but this time Italians have risen by responding with clear messages in the network against the multinational company that has dared to challenge our culinary culture.
It seems endless controversy that revolves around the giant McDonald, They were affected all the charges of Italian pizza makers, in a television commercial the global giant has ridiculed the symbol of Italian cuisine, ie pizza, to promote the Happy meal. In tale video, a child sitting at the table of an Italian pizzeria pizza rejects in favor in favor of the sandwich.
Immediately on youtube appeared response Neapolitan pizza showing a boy……I invite you to see the two videos and leave your comments on this page.
The controversy came up in parliament, where the Movement 5 stars, by Luigi Di Maio presented exposed AGCOM to obscure the advertisement and ask to be excluded as an official sponsor of expo 2015.
link everyday occurrence

Pizzeria Commercial Activity Trend

The term “pizzeria” It is used to indicate several different types of business where the pizza is prepared.
Pizzeria / restaurant, Pizzeria to the cut or takeaway, pizza delivery at home, big fast food chains.
There are other places where it can be consumed pizza: the Rosticcerie, bakeries,. the gastronomy, hypermarkets.
Pizzeria Commercial Activity Trend: The pizzeria / restaurant
The term pizzeria, It is indicated a particular type of restaurant, which serves mainly pizza, trousers, buns and various fried. In the pizzerias you can find other types of food as at any restaurant, guests are served at the table and choose from a menu.
In addition to these local chef is a pizza maker in charge of the oven and the baking of pizzas.
Pizzerias offer the pizza always round up to the plate, so you can decide how much, except in some local, where you can choose between different sizes (small-medium-large). Some pizzerias offer the service of take away, and special containers are used cardboard with which the customer carries the pizza at home.
Some traditional pizzerias, besides the pizza dish, They offer pizza booklet, a small pizza folded in wallet, wrapped with paper food, to be consumed in road.


Pizzeria Commercial Activity Trend: The pizza slices and takeaway

Much like a diner, this type of pizzeria has a counter suitable for sale, where the pizza maker exposes different kinds of pizza whole or in slices, consumable on site or takeaway. In these cases, the customer, It has the possibility to decide both the type of pizza to buy that quantity, the price can vary depending on the weight or size of the piece of pizza.
In these local, It is often associated with the sale of beverages and food packaged. Often you can find tables and benches where you can have products purchased, but always in self-service.


Pizzeria Commercial Activity Trend: Pizzerias home

Widespread in big cities, this type of exercise provides for the sale of pizzas delivered to residence. To advertise these activities spread flyers with their menu and prices in the surrounding areas. On account of the pizzas it is often added some € for the costs of delivery. Deliveries are made by the various portapizza circulating on mopeds which are installed special bins that keep the pizzas warm thermos.


Pizzeria Commercial Activity Trend: Large chains of Fast Food

There are large fast food chains that offer the chance to eat pizza with a lot of speed and ease, which is typical of these local. In Italy the fast food chain most famous pizza is called “Spizzico“, while the United States is one of the largest chains Pizza Hut.

restaurant at home

Restaurant Pizzeria Casa Activities Profitable

Open a restaurant or why not? a pizzeria in their own home is a trend that is taking more and more foot in Italy, in large cities such as Rome, Milan turin or if there are more than 300 and strong growth, even on the period of crisis we are going through.
It is now 4 the 5 years from the first time I heard of this type of activity. Common people who decided to prepare dinners at home for any guests booked, that at the end of dinner regularly paid a fee for the service received. I always wondered: How strange, restaurateurs and owners of pizzerias to open a club must comply with strict rules and pay taxes cream, how is it that an individual might do so freely?

Profitable pizza restaurant Casa Activities

restaurant at home
Restaurant at home

Finally after a few years, It received a law of the Ministry of Economic Development that puts an end to all this confusion and lack of regulation:
“The Restaurant Casa is considered ACTIVITIES’ ECONOMIC fledged!!!
The resolution says the Mise: Open a restaurant in his home is in an economic activity All checked effects. Must be subject to professional requirements, sanitary and a set of rules in matters of security, urban planning and construction. starting with Scia to be presented to the municipality of residence.
The recent resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development also clarifies how can configure activity cook at home from word of mouth that has come to emerge in a real business, that alarmed even the category of Professional caterers that looking at the phenomenon with concern, They asked that the rules.

Restaurant Pizzeria Casa Activities Profitable

restaurant at home
Aorire a restaurant or pizzeria at home

The activity of preparing and serving lunches and dinners at his home , in days dedicated to paying guests, “that can not be classified as an activity of administration of foods and drinks, because even if the products are prepared and served in private premises coincide with the home cook, they are still equipped premises open to customers”, It reads the opinion of the Mise through Gianfrancesco Old, general director of the Directorate General for the Market and competition that responds to a request for a Chamber of Commerce. The provision of these services “It involves the payment of a fee and, therefore also with the innovative mode”, activity “It is expressed as economic activity in the strict sense” consequently it can not be considered, Getting a parere del, “a free activity and therefore not amenable to some provision of law from those applicable to persons who are engaged in the administration of food and beverages”. In motivating the position taken, Gianfrancesco Old refers to a footnote, always your firm, with which it has been classified as an actual administration of the public of foods and drinks that made by the owner of a villa, that “He intended to prepare food and drink in your kitchen providing this service only on specific request and booking by a client and then only for the eventual invited”.
The site Ministry of Economic Development

HACCP certificate

HACCP certificate. Are many professions today have to do with food. Indeed This area contains a series of activities that follow the entire production, from cultivation to the administration. We speak therefore of farmers, workers in the food industry, confectioners, bartenders, cooks. But not only, Also unexpected categories, as pharmacists and drivers.

HACCP certificate

All these workers, in one way or another come into contact with food and must therefore know the basic rules of hygiene and food safety. In this case the European regulations and therefore also the Italian, require knowledge of sistema HACCP. Born to ensure food safety for astronauts NASA has since been adopted in many countries, thanks to its proven effectiveness.
To know and apply the rules of HACCP must study them, that is why the law requires that anyone working in the food industry to take a course and obtain the HACCP certificate which proves passing the final test.

HACCP certificate
HACCP certificate

HACCP certificate

The HACCP certificate is proof that we have the necessary knowledge about the main rules of hygiene and safety, we know the rules and the application of HACCP, that we have the basics of microbiology and food preservation, and we know how to sanitize a facility and equipment. In short, the certificate serves to prove that we can protect the health of those who come into contact with food that we worked or handled.

Of course this knowledge have different degrees, the manager of the food industry must:
identify all critical points (CCP) the various activities and identify, apply and update safety procedures (based on HACCP principles). Its task is thus of responsibility, that requires a deep understanding of the issues. Instead, for example, the chap who does not manipulate foods must have general knowledge, because his contact with food is never direct, so much so that before the law did not provide even the possession of health card for this category.

Currently the law requires the possession of the mandatory HACCP, without which it is allowed to work in the food industry, so that in all cases it is required as a prerequisite when hiring.

pizza esplanade

The Pizza Esplanade Description and Recipes

Pizza Esplanade. Today I will try to clarify one of the more complex concepts of pizzeria. Around the word "plateau" in the greatest confusion reigns pizzeria!! Very often the case that customers order an esplanade for 2 or for 3 people without really knowing or know the meaning of this term.

The pizza esplanade was born many years ago as a unique bakery product, it is a thin focaccia white, without any seasoning, it is crispy and crumbly.

pizza esplanade
As should be the pizza esplanade

With the passage of time, each region has made its own recipe, very often inappropriately using the term esplanade, and unfortunately, always at the expense of crunchiness and crispness of the product.

Pizza Esplanade As It Should Be

The esplanade should be a simple focaccia thin and crisp without any seasoning or stuffing. Once baked, It can be stuffed at will, with mortadella, arugula, cherry tomatoes, tuna, ham and many other ingredients that do not release water, the esplanade, It is inumidita, lose its crunchiness.

Pizza Esplanade How Should Not Be

pizza esplanade
Stuffed pizza

Too often over the counter by pizzerias it reads the indication of pizza esplanade for a product of "open space" has nothing, you know very well that if you add tomato or mozzarella on a thin pizza, the result will not be sure of a product crispy and crumbly, as the tomato mozzarella, It contains a lot of water. It would be appropriate to call this product "pizza dish great for 3 the 4 People "


I am a simple pizza, I'm not a judge, then I would never dare to criticize products that over time have earned a place in the regional culinary traditions, products such as the esplanade of Romagna, the esplanade Roman, the esplanade of Calabria or the esplanade Sardinian, exceptional products, all boast of the title esplanade, but all different.

pizza esplanade
Pizzas stuffed

It is evident that with the passage of time the term esplanade, It is no longer used to distinguish the characteristics of a product, but it is to indicate a type of thin pizza, that can be stuffed in many different ways. Good to know. All this suggests to me a good idea for my next creative recipe .... How about a taste of my calzone "esplanade"??

What is your opinion? How do the esplanade in your region? Let us know, leave your comment on this page.

Want to know more curiosity about the term "open space"? here's a good one for you wikipedia. Clicca who.

pizza esplanade
Pizzas stuffed
Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are

The tools a pizza every day brings with it at work, are not very bulky, than many senior jobs, see the plumber, forced to turn with a van, the pizza maker could put them all in a briefcase.

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are
The tool case

The most cumbersome that each pizzaiolo brings with it at work, is definitely the technical knowledge concerning the raw materials, the various ingredients that are needed to make a dough quality, the processes of food processing, knowing how to juggle with the different types of oven and manage the right cooking pizza.

In addition to technical knowledge, the cook needs some indispensable tools to prepare, bake and bake the pizza.

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are
The wood oven

The oven: It 'better to work with a wood stove, but you are able to produce excellent pizzas with a gas or electric oven. The oven should be placed beside and not behind the pizza maker to avoid having to turn constantly to check the degree of cooking of pizzas.

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are
The stand of the oven

Easel: To work with the wood stove, is essential to the stand. This useful tool, helps to keep the wood raised so that the flame has greater oxygen, burn better, but especially that produces less smoke.

Spiral Mixer: Used in all laboratories pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops, Questa type of mixer fully meets the requirements of HACCP. Has a cylinder / steel tub which rotates on its axis in which are introduced the ingredients for the dough.

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are

The workbench also commonly called drying which must be strictly marble, place at a height of about 90 earth cm, on it will be placed the disks of dough that will be then topped and baked.

Refrigerated counter: Required by regulations hygienic, the refrigerated counter composed of stainless steel trays easily washable, where they are stored at a temperature of +3 degrees all the ingredients for the preparation of the pizza.

Shovel pizza to bake: Before the recent health hygiene regulations this tool was made of wood, now has been improved and replaced by aluminum.

Lino: The palino round is the instrument by which the pizza turns the pizza in the oven to give even cooking and with it bakes pizzas. Usually has holes of varying diameter on its surface to allow the eventual flour still attached to the base of the pizza to fall before being impiattata.

Spatula: Stainless steel or plastic, this tool is indispensable to collect the balls already leavened in appropriate containers then to be able to pave.

Drawers for leavening: According to current regulations, drawers for leavening must be plastic food and no more wood.

In addition to these important things that we have listed, There are other small tools that are used by the pizza maker: Stainless steel cruet, the pizza cutter,Breadboard, and the brush for the cleaning of the oven.

Work Tool pizzaiolo:What are
Equipment pizzaiolo

Been acrobatic pizza makers? Have a look at wikipedia