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pizza rocket

Pizza Rucola le 25 Best Recipes

The Pizza Rucola. Only a few pages of the calendar to detach and I celebrate my first 40 years from the day when for the first time I baked a pizza in a wood oven. I would like to keep track of all the pizzas I have prepared, but. ... .it was possible, I lost my notes many years ago..

pizza rocket
pizza arugula cherry tomatoes and Parmesan

Pizza Rucola le 25 Best Recipes

Arugula as an ingredient on pizza, is considered a "new" if we take into account dela long history of pizza from the time of Queen Margherita of Savoy today. Until 20 years ago nobody would have imagined that the rocket could become one of the most requested topping of pizza toppings, it is only by years 90 that has made an appearance on the menu of pizza on the peninsula.

pizza rocket
Pizza with prosciutto arugula and Parmesan

It is since then that he began his triumphal march right up to modern times where every pizzeria in the world offers its rocket pizza combined with other ingredients. For all the curious who are wondering right now how is called the rocket in the US, UK Australia or many other parts of the world, the answer is "Rocket Salad”.

pizza rocket
Pizza salmon, rocket and parmesan flakes

I explained in my previous article the big difference between the wild rocket and rocket salad and pizza joint, if you feel like you can deepen click here.

For those who are looking for the perfect pairing to prepare at home or in a pizzeria pizza with rocket, I have prepared a list of 25 pizzas with rocket Popular in Italy and around the world.

pizza rocket
Pizza bresaola with rocket and parmesan cheese.

Pizza Rucola le 25 Best Recipes

Arugula and cherry tomatoes: Classical, present in many pizzerias, pizza with mozzarella on which once baked is added the arugula and cherry tomatoes cut clove flavored.

Raw arugula and parmesan cheese: module can be ordered anywhere in the world view of his popularity, It is prepared on the basis of a daisy, to which it is added once baked ham sliced, arugula and shaved Parmesan cheese are added.

Arugula and potatoes: Pizza tasty and delicate, the base is that of a pizza focaccia with potatoes, with addition of fresh arugula.

Arugula and shrimp: Based on a white pizza with mozzarella, They are added shrimp browned in a pan with a clove of garlic oil salt pepper and parsley, following is added to the rocket before being served.

Arugula and Parmesan bresaola: Bresaola as an alternative to ham, thus the basis of a daisy, bresaola sliced, arugula and parmesan cheese.

Rocket and stracchino: Excellent, stracchino cheese is a very delicate, then he manages to bring out all the qualities of the rocket. White pizza with mozzarella and stracchino, cooked you add the arugula.

Mozzarella and arugula: The simplest, but for this one of the most requests, white base with mozzarella and cooked, add the arugula.

Rocket and salmon: A feast for the eyes and the palate, prepared on the basis of a white pizza with mozzarella, just cooked you add the arugula and smoked salmon, cut into small pieces.

Other pizza with rocket:

Focaccia with ham and arugula:

Ricotta and arugula

Pizza rucola e speck

Cheese tomatoes and arugula

Arugula and tomato tuna

Fresh tomato peppers and arugula

Rocket parmesan and balsamic vinegar

Arugula shrimp and pink sauce

Buffalo and rocket

Corn Rocket and parmesan cheese

Rocket pesto and sun-dried tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes and arugula growth

Salmon cream and rocket

Onions pecorino and rocket

If you want to know more about rocket, you can consult wikipedia.

How do you prepare the pizza with arugula at home? Give your recipe in the comments section of this page.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning

10 perfect ways of season pizza

After a long period in which the pizza has been regarded as a simple alternative to lunch or dinner, lately is back in fashion and those who choose to eat pizza, he does it because he knows what to eat, view of the quality of the few ingredients that make up the dough and the filling. However, there are topping that are "marriages" tastes of well-managed.

Here is a list dei10 perfect ways of season pizza.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza margherita

Daisy. San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, basil are the simple ingredients that make this pizza the queen of pizzas

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza Napoletana

Neapolitan. Tomato, mozzarella,anchovies, capers and fresh basil. The Neapolitan pizza, between the classic pizzas is definitely one of the most popular. Palatable, fantastic to be enjoyed with a glass of wine.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza boscaiola

Boscaiola.Presente in all menus of pizzerias Peninsula, the boscaiola enhances the combination of mushrooms and flavor of cured ham

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza 4 cheeses

4 Cheese. Over a white base covered by a thin layer of mozzarella, A mixture of cheese with gorgonzola to act as a master, make this pizza a first choice among the customers of the pizzerias of our country, the addition of tomato is on request, Combined with the spicy salami or onion, make this pizza to become a sensory delight

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning

Pizza marinara

Marinara. As Daisy requires very few exceptional raw materials in order to impress. This type of pizza is topped with tomato quality generously put in cooking along with garlic cut into wedges and a round of extra virgin olive oil. Freshly baked, you add a handful of fresh oregano and the inevitable Fresh basil. A marinara done well is the business card of a good Pizzaiolo.8

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza with cheese and bacon

Cheese and Speck. The pizza Provola and bacon pizza is considered one for the cold season, but I can assure you that is in great demand throughout the year, provolone and bacon covering the white base, give off all the scents of smoking is just out of the oven. Speck should strictly put raw on hot pizza before being servita.9

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza with potatoes and sausage

Potatoes and Sausage. Pizza with potatoes and sausage sourced bell, is now proposed throughout Italia.Il Rosemary,fresh sausage and potatoes just blanched, Covering the white base before being baked. An absolute delight.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza with porcini mushrooms

Porcini Mushrooms. Lovers of this pizza choose it because they know perfectly the quality of this product. With a base covered with a light layer of mozzarella and covered with sliced ​​porcini mushrooms as a topping. No tomato, which with its taste would cover the smell of the delicious mushrooms. Some gourmet loves eating it along with a few slices of ham.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
Pizza devilled

Diavola. This type of pizza has variations from region to region. Its main feature is the use of chili paired with salami strong flavor. Strictly on a red base.

10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
The calzone

Calzone. A true classic of the Neapolitan school, a disc of dough folded crescent and stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and ham. The filling encloses a true symphony of flavors and is also appreciated in the fried version.

If you want to learn more about traditional seasonings pizza take a look at wikipedia

The pizza in Germany

The pizza in Germany

The pizza in Germany

Our country is world famous for many reasons, in addition to fashion, Mafia, wine and history (I Rom) one of the things which appears at the top of this special list is definitely the pizza. Italians are the inventors of this product that is now present all over the world. A newspaper quoted economy, estimated that the pizza in the world has an estimated turnover of 60 billion euro a year. But as the pizza is prepared in other countries? Which ingredients are used?

The pizza in Germany
The pizza in other countries

The pizza in Germany

We continue our tour in the world, and after describing pizza in the US and pizza in Brazil, Today we get a little 'more to Italy and see how the pizza is prepared in Germany.

Compared to the US and Brazil, that many thousands of miles away from Italy, and where the pizza is adapted to the habits and customs of the place, In Germany, which is only a few kilometers from our country, I would have expected to find a product similar to Italian, but in the various trips made in this fantastic region that dominates the European economy, I could not help but notice that even here the differences are huge culinary. Except for some Italian pizzeria, that still persists in proposing the daisy and the four seasons, in almost all other local, the pizza is nothing but a neutral base on which are added to taste local ingredients that adapt to the customs and traditions of this fantastic people.

In Germany as in the US, in the big pizza chains, are offered the possibility of a complete customization of this product. In almost all menus Germans invariably include pizza Calabresa with a great local spicy salami, pizza Bolognese, covered with a pseudo meat sauce, Hawaiian pizza, which has among its ingredients pineapple, carbonara with bacon, eggs and cream, but by pizzaiolo, pizza that most impressed me is definitely the "pizza dough", topped with spaghetti (Vermicelli) served with a generous layer of melted cheese as a topping.

From cringe for an Italian, but not at all I might add. Know that it was the first thing I ordered soon as I sat at the table. The customs and traditions of all other peoples must be respected and tasted. Know that even we Italians are masters in adapting traditional dishes foreign, our way. If you are not convinced of anything, there is nothing left to do but call your pizzeria downstairs and ordered the classic pizza margherita.

The pizza in Germany
The pizza in Germany

If you want to learn more about Germany, click here

The cacciannanze

The cacciannanze

The Cacciannanze

The cacciannanze is a typical focaccia Marche, a region of Italy that gave much to Italian cuisine, I quote only a couple of recipes on all: The stuffed olives or the fantastic fish soup to Sambenedettese. The recipe of cacciannanze has long traditions that bring us back to the times when the bread for the families was done in the wood oven of your own home. The word-hunting annanze dialect Marche could tradurrre: expulsion first, that is, first baked bread. This product was mainly used as a tool to control the temperature of the oven, if the temperature was right, after having baked the cacciannanze could proceed to remove all the embers, wipe off the hob and then bake the bread. At that time, they could not make mistakes, the bread was survival.

Focaccia the cacciannanze
The cacciannanze

The cacciannanze

The product obtained "cacciannanze", is a product easy, seasoned with olive oil, sale, garlic and rosemary. I was told by some elderly in the country where I live, that some rich family who at the time was well off, gladly added a few pieces of bacon, chopped.


For the preparation of cacciannanze started following the procedure for the bread dough indicated in this article.


Chop the rosemary needles with garlic finely and add to these herbs a pinch of salt.


After the dough is leavened, must have at least doubled in volume, roll it out on a baking sheet with parchment paper or waxed well, and add the chopped herbs previously prepared. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and place it in your oven which you have previously brought to a temperature of 200 degrees. Cooking should take about 20 minutes or until the surface of your cacciannanze prove to be perfectly golden. At that point,, baked and served piping hot.

Today in local clubs, the cacciannanze is served in slices, as an aperitif, accompanied with cooked wine, Another great product from this territory.

The cacciannanze
How to prepare the cacciannanze

Read more but on brands click here

Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

It 'a bit' of time now that I read in the papers that there are companies looking for pizza, say there are more than 6000 places available, the same news was also repeated on some TV channel at lunch on the news. In these times of crisis? If I let my strong doubts about it, on the contrary, I assure you that the crisis is also felt here. Despite all the web and around the shop windows, I get to see lots of posters from various schools that organize courses pizzaiolo in large quantities. We are talking about the catering sector, and in detail of pizzerias ...... I assure you that even here there is a severe crisis, and is felt. Just look around to see with their own eyes, how many pizzerias are already closed, and how many are in great difficulty. In Any Case, if there was a great demand, and are not found pizzaioli, I think it means that the salaries for those who make this art or craft are too low, this explains why "are not pizza", if you do this work, you are surely aware of the large number of pizza makers working abroad, in countries like the UK or Germany, where salaries are much higher.

Open a pizzeria
Open a pizzeria

Turning Italy for work, I noticed a phenomenon much more common in the north than to the south: The pizza makers are immigrants. We know that in times of crisis like this that we are living ... everything is permitted.

Who does this work, performs many sacrifices, and definitely will happen at all to say: I open my pizzeria.

Open a pizzeria

How much and what it takes to open a local commercial pizza slices?

Here's a quote, very rough, but that definitely helps us to better understand the situation.

An electric oven or gas costs 2500 euro

A fridge industrial costs no less than 1500 euro

A mixer costs about 400 euro

Furnishing of a pizza takeaway 5000 euro

So to put on the whole we manage with 12.000 € VAT included.

E? can purchase the equipment used, and save money, but less than this figure does not seem possible

To these costs must be added the recurring management costs

Rent the room




A pizza dish costs on average 6,50 euro.

So the pizzeria should sell about 50 pizzas a day, 350 a week to collect the minimum useful for survival (Personally I do not think there are many pizzerias takeaway that this average receipts) to have a monthly turnover of 9000 euro.

I repeat that these are estimates only lump.

Description Costs Revenues
Proceeds from the sale of 350 pizzas a week    9.000,00
Rent the room  1.000,00  
Energy expenditure  250,00  
Phone  30,00  
INPS flat 1st year  250,00  
Business consultant  100,00  
Salary committed  1.200,00  
Purchase goods  1.400,00  
Advertising 1st year  150,00  
TOTAL  4.380,00  9.000,00
VAT on sales  901,80  
VAT on purchases and energy (flat rate)  150,00  
VAT to be paid  751,80  
GROSS PROFITS  3868,20  
Estimated net of personal TAXES  2.800,00  


This is what is left to our manager, ...... but there are still many other things to aggiungeree I leave you to imagine what might be. Do yourself well your accounts, and reach a recessed average 350 euro per day to survive!!

It should? It is not for me to answer this question, but I think if a pizza is young and wants to get involved, this is the time to try.

Contact me for all the information you need, or for advice on 'start of your new local.

Open a pizzeria

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The pizza in the USA

The pizza in the USA


When we think of pizza in USA, associate it constantly to what we usually see in movies, that is, the delivery boy who arrives on a motorbike, pulls out of the box these huge boxes of pizza, at the door delivery and is paid, complete with a tip.


The pizza in the USA
The pizza in the USA

In our culture, Pizza is designed as a dish if .... Each order his, stuffed with your taste, while The pizza in the US, is commonly associated with a large pizza to consume all together, divided into wedges, where everyone adds their ingredients, a bit 'like our pizza slices, when we buy the pizza slices for our family, we order 2 pieces stuffed in a certain way, and other pieces stuffed in a different way, and so on. The thickness of the pizzas USA is a cross between our pizza to the plate and the cut.

Also in this vast country, the pizzas are adapted to different cultures and cities: If during one of your trips you happen to visit New York, you will surely have the opportunity to enjoy your pizza New York Style, very famous is also the Californian style, and how not to mention one of the most famous pizza in Chicago: The Deep Dish or more is commonly called Chicago Style, from thick edge, and baked in round containers, just like our pizza slices.

The condiments: Certainly very different from ours, and adapted to the different climate of the US, have a look, on their site, some large chain type Domino’s Pizza or on Pizza Hut, you'll immediately notice that the ketchup, ingredient symbol Americano, is on all kinds of pizza. Another common ingredient, very popular in this country, is the Pepperoni, that unlike the name that could mislead, is a type of spicy salami, that is sliced ​​on pizza.

Pizza United States
Pizza con Ketchup
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The Pizza Margherita History and Prescription

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

Silvio Cicchi
The Pizza Margherita History and Prescription
Pizza Margherita

History tells us that the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito who worked in Naples in the pizzeria "Peter ... and Just So"(1780) the same pizzeria still exists today and is called "Pizzeria Brandi", was called by the official of the Palace of Capodimonte, where they were visiting the King of Italy Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoy to prepare a pizza for them. The queen looked with favor on the pizza that just took his name. It was a very simple pizza, and had the three colors of the Italian flag. The green basil, the white of the mozzarella and red tomato.

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

Plate the birthplace of the pizza Margherita
Targa Birth of Pizza Margherita
Daisy Queen of savoy
Queen Margherita of Savoy


The Pizza Margherita Pizza is the most popular in the world, every pizzeria proposes its own version.

Today we will prepare the classic pizza Margherita, There are many variations, but each has its own personal way to prepare, this is my recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people:

Dough: To prepare the Read this article

Other necessary ingredients:

250 grams of Mozzarella

200 grams of peeled tomatoes
Preparation time: 30 my
Cooking time: 20 my
Rising time 1 hour or until the dough is not doubled in volume.


Take the risen dough and roll it on a baking sheet greased.

Season with peeled tomatoes, oil, sale e basilico

Cook for about twenty minutes 220 degrees.
Just the pizza margherita is almost ready, remove from oven and season with diced mozzarella and basil and bake for others 5 minutes.

Cut and serve hot.

History and recipe for pizza margherita

Pizza Margherita

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The pizza in Brazil

The pizza in Brazil

The pizza is the world's most popular Italian dish., During my travels in Brazil, I could not help but notice how this dish is popular in this land. Much of this credit goes to all the Italian immigrants from 1800 onwards they moved to this beautiful country. Today pizza has become part of the Brazilian culture, and is a food habitual, and in many traditional recipes, you made some interesting variations of ingredients to adapt to different cultures and local tastes.
I found online an interesting article written by the magazine Super interesting that he says that in Brazil there are currently 50.000 pizzerias, half of which appears to be in the state of Sao Paulo, and seguire Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais and Bahia.
As in any other part of the world, every city has its preferences, and below a chart to show the tastes of the people Brazilian.
The Pizza in Brazil

Graph The pizza in Brazil
Graph The pizza in Brazil

Summary data:

  • Most of the nation prefers a thin paste
  • The edge is an average of 2,6 cm
  • On average are used 275 grams of pizza mozzarella
  • On average are added 10 olives on each pizza.
  • Only 5% consumer, asks a sweet pizza.:

We observe now the preferences for each city:

Sao Paulo

  • The Pizza Margherita (mozzarella pizza)
  • The Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • The Pizza "Portuguese" with chicken and catupiry (pizza "Portuguese" is with boiled eggs, pepperoni, onions and corn)

La São Paulo pizza: São Paulo is the only city where a good mozzarella dominates the palate, despite being the only place where the pepperoni pizza without cheese is. In addition to, only in São Paulo is the preference for pizza dough of medium thickness.

Some pizzas a bit 'exotic: pizza al sushi, pizza to cabbage and butter

Porto Alegre

  • The Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • The Pizza "Portuguese"
  • The Pizza with chicken hearts, Neapolitan pizza and pizza margherita

The inhabitants of Porto Alegre are "gauchos" also in pizza: between the demands are more typical pizza with little hearts and chicken pizza with strogonoff.

The pizzas more exotic: pizza with veal cutlet, con skirt steak (a cut of beef) and carpaccio

Chart pizza in brazil

Rio de Janeiro

  • Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • Pizza margherita
  • Pizza "Portuguese"

Brazilians like sweets and this is borne out by statistics on pizza, while nationally requests sweet pizzas amounted to 5% of total orders, the Rio de Janeiro Arrivano al 15%, in some pizzerias even to 30%

Belo Horizonte

  • Pizza margherita
  • Pizza con pollo and catupiry
  • Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)

Region famous for the production of cheese, pizza in Minas Gerais is preferanza with dairy

The most original: pizza with melted cheese and Parma ham

Salvador de Bahia

  • Pizza "Portuguese"
  • Pizza con pollo and catupiry
  • Pizza margherita or pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)

Not one of the top 3 but then the pizzas more traditional preference for Bahian goes for pizza with prawns, fish or seafood.

The more exotic: pizza with cod frayed, egg and fresh coriander.

(source: Chart pizza - Super Interesting)

The pizza in Brazil
Pizza Margherita
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