How To Store Bread To Always Keep It Fresh

How To Store Bread To Always Keep It Fresh

How To Store Bread To Always Keep It Fresh. Let it be homemade bread, panini, baguette or any type of bread, we know that it is delicious freshly made, still hot is a delight.

This is why the conservation of bread is very important, so that it is as fresh as possible when we go to consume it. This also applies to the classic rosemary focaccia.

Methods for conservation

The best method is certainly to wrap the bread in a cloth or in a paper bag. These measures will prevent the bread from drying out too much, losing its precious moisture.

Freeze the bread: it is certainly the way to keep it longer. We will have to slice it before freezing it and portion it in the appropriate freeze bags on the market. To defrost it properly, just take it out of the plastic bags and leave it at room temperature, no microwave.

What never to do

Never put the bread in the refrigerator, the low temperature will quickly make the bread stale.

The best suggestion is to always buy a little at a time.


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