How to store onions without sprouting them

How to store onions without sprouting them

How to store onions without sprouting them. Did you know that onions if stored well can last up to six months without sprouting? Follow our guidelines.

Onions in the pizzeria they are widely used, delicious focaccia with onions, but not only. The first suggestion is to not keep them in the refrigerator but in its own retina with which you bought them in a cool and ventilated place..

Preserve the onions perfectly

Another useful tip is not to leave the onions next to the potatoes in the pantry. Delicious onions release ethylene and moisture, then we will have potatoes that will sprout quickly.

If you really have to put them next to something, choose the garlic. The onions can rest very well next to the garlic.

How to store onions without sprouting them

Another good tip is to never freeze them whole. Always cut them into cubes before placing them in your freezer in a plastic food bag, whenever you need it, you can only take out the necessary.

Seguendo questi piccoli ma utilissimi accorgimenti, avrai sempre a tua disposizione cipolle fresche e croccanti.

Conclusioni sulle cipolle

Come chef posso dirvi che le cipolle mi hanno fatto piangere molto. 🙂

Se proprio non volete piangere, usate le cipolle rosse di Tropea.


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