How To Store Pizza Dough To Have It Always Ready Available

How To Store Pizza Dough To Have It Always Ready Available. I state that these suggestions are suitable for those who often want to prepare pizza at home.

As you can imagine, the whole process of preparing a good pizza is long, often we do not have enough time and many times we give up. Better to go to a pizzeria and buy it ready.

How To Store Pizza Dough To Have It Always Ready Available

With this little tip, you will be able to prepare your own pizza at home in less than you say.

Just follow this little trick to have the dough always ready and available to prepare an excellent pizza at home.

How to store the dough

Once the dough has been prepared, divide it into balls 250 grams, this is the first operation to do.

If you plan to make pizza in the next two or three days, store the dough in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. The dough will keep perfectly for two or 3 days at a temperature of 2/3 degrees.

If you want to use the dough for a longer time than 3 days, we just have to freeze it. After forming the balls, spread a little oil on the surface, cover them with plastic wrap and leave them in the freezer.

How to reuse them

When you need it, take them out of the freezer at least 8/10 hours before. Just the time they need to defrost. The dough keeps quite well in the freezer.

As I clearly stated at the beginning of this article, these suggestions are suitable for those who often prepare pizza at home, certainly not for a pizzeria business. There are no pizzerias that freeze the dough before using it, or at least I hope.


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