How to Store Olive Oil at Home

How to Store Olive Oil at Home

How to Store Olive Oil at Home. We are in the period of olive harvest and in this period everyone is preparing to buy extra virgin olive oil new.

Who knows how many of you have asked the same question as it happens every year: How to store this precious oil for as long as possible without deteriorating.

Store the oil without risk

Storing extra virgin olive oil is very simple, just pay close attention to the elements that can damage its organoleptic properties, Aria, light and heat sources.

We could compare it to a fat, by centrifugation the water is separated from the must. It should be left to rest for about a month for the clarification, immediately afterwards it can be placed in food containers for storage until consumed.

How to Store Olive Oil at Home

 It suffers a lot luce they jump in temperature, the heat speeds up the rancidity process, around 10/12 degrees centigrade the product tends to solidify. The best storage temperature is between 14 e i 18 Celsius degrees.

Light alters easily color and taste, always use dark and full containers, do not leave air in the container, top up when needed.

Keep it in a dark place, fresh and always closed

It is always best to avoid containers of PVC or plastic which can release harmful substances, then remember that they are transparent, therefore not suitable for storing oil.

Always prefer containers of latta, steel, dark glass and if possible porcelain.

Avoid plastic

Despite all the attention you can get, the best product will be if consumed between 2 and 8 months, after twelve months the product will begin to deteriorate, the suggested consumption limit should never exceed 18 months since it was bottled.

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