How to become a pizza maker

How to become a pizza maker

How to become a pizza maker

Pizzaiolo ... ..The best job in the world. Said to me, a statement might seem a bit 'part, because I do this job for many years now (almost 40), but I can tell you the reasons why I consider this work nice and rewarding.

It gave me the opportunity to travel the world, and despite his age still happen to me opportunities to do so. Thinking about it, for that alone would be worth to learn this craft, but if we add also other important factors such as the working environment, always surrounded by young staff, opportunity to provide entertainment to their creativity, due to continuous new customer demands, or by changes in taste due to different customs and habits in different countries where I worked.

How to become a pizza maker

How to become a pizza maker
Become pizzaiolo

To exercise this job, is not required qualifications, being a practical work. The best way to learn is definitely in pizzeria alongside a more experienced person, and possess qualities of sacrifice, great desire to learn and passion for pizza.

There are many schools of pizza makers who organize theoretical courses and reserve a large part of the course dedicated to the practice, essential to be able to face the world of work.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses, you must not do is contact me by clicking here, and I will send you all the details on the calendar of upcoming courses pizzaiolo scheduled.

The duties of a pizza chef in pizzeria.

The pizza chef must have good knowledge of all the ingredients that make up the pizza, dosages are to obtain a mixture of quality, must know the time to rise and know make corrections, must have a thorough knowledge of cooking techniques, wood stove, electric oven, gas oven, all this without forgetting the most important thing: meet the demands of all customers J

Among the tasks that every pizza place in daily pizzeria would add, compliance with the standards of hygiene and cleanliness of the work environment, daily control of the cargo warehouse, and provide for the proper storage of food.


The working hours of a pizza chef must be very flexible, much of the work is done in the working dinner, but especially on holidays and weekends.

If you look around, you will notice that in every street there is a pizza, then the job opportunities you will not miss.

How to evaluate a course of pizza.

Do not spend time and money for a course in a week that claims to teach this craft, perhaps in a class with other 20 students.

The best solution would be to attend one of our individual courses, that is, you and the teacher, that after the theoretical phase will follow you step by step quickly, until the target.

For information about our individual courses, contact.

How to become a pizza maker
How to become a pizza maker

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