The Rising Of Pizza When It's Cold

How to make the dough leaven quickly

Updated the 29 April 2022

How to make the dough leaven quickly. With the arrival of the cold season, one of the biggest problems that haunt all those who have to do with bread-making seems to be that of leavening.

Let's make one thing clear. Leavening in summer is very different from leavening in the cold season. If you are among those who have problems with leavening in winter, this article is just the thing for you.

How to make the dough leaven quickly

Leavening is a very delicate phase of bread making. Without the right precautions, we risk compromising all our work.

For a perfect leavening our dough should be left at a temperature that can vary between 20 e i 28 degrees. Covered, always covered with the classic airtight lid or with a dry cloth.

Where to leave the dough for leavening

Grandma's trick. The grandmother let it rise in the unlit oven. He added a saucepan of boiling water and closed the oven door.

This stratagem is the most used by housewives, the pan of hot water heats the oven sufficiently creating a humid environment that will facilitate the leavening process.

Other useful tips

 As I described at the beginning, the hot season gives exceptional results compared to the cold season, for this another useful suggestion could be to leave your dough in the hottest room in the house.

But how does the baker? I don't know if you've ever been to a bakery or a pizzeria's workshop. The temperature you will find is very high, always around 30 degrees. It's always summer, if you notice, the baker or pizza chef always works short-sleeved.

Create a warm room

Be very careful not to create sudden changes in temperature, this would seriously compromise the leavening.

What kind of yeast do you use? As you well know, yeast also plays an important part in the leavening process. The mother yeast that is beautiful and good, sometimes it does not have the necessary strength to make the dough rise perfectly.

Always add a pinch of good old brewer's yeast, it can be very useful especially during the cold season.

Latest tips

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