How to Make Oil Spicy House

How do oil Spicy homemade with fresh chilli

If you love spicy oil, have lunch and dine with the bottle of chilli oil at the table next to you, if you are always the first to ask for it when you dine in the restaurant or pizzeria, if you love pasta arrabiata .... this is the one for you!!! How to prepare your home the delicious Mediterranean recipe spicy oil.

spicy oil
Spicy oil

If you like spicy food like I love, and add the spicy pizza on, in the first courses, anywhere in the kitchen, you'll have to necessarily try to prepare your homemade spicy oil. As everyone knows, the chili is not suitable for certain diets, for those suffering from heartburn or for those suffering from certain health disorders, but is packed with different properties.

spicy oil
Italian chili

The fresh chili is rich in vitamin C, very beneficial for the body, especially if you do not observe a balanced diet and not to take fruit and vegetables in abundance, very suitable for smokers, Vitamin C contained in it strengthens the immune system and protects against infections. It 'an antioxidant and many industry experts report it as an anti-cancer food. All these beneficial properties are due to a substance contained in it, called "capsaicin".

spicy oil
Preparation spicy oil

Let's see how to properly prepare the spicy oil at home.

Advice: When handling the fresh chili is always advisable to use gloves, or wash hands immediately after use.

Ingredients for a liter of spicy oil

100 grams of fresh chiles Italian

1 liter extra virgin olive oil

A clove of garlic and rosemary (at your leisure)

We prepare the recipe to make the spicy oil

To avoid the occurrence of any bacteria that could ruin your spicy oil is good to dry the peppers before using them. Let a few days in the sun, put them in the oven or microwave, on a radiator etc..

spicy oil
Preparation of chili

After being dried in, rinse well under cold running water and dry well with a cloth. Eliminate the stem and chop very finely on the chopping board. Place the chopped chili with all the seeds in a bottle or in a glass jar with lid, cover with extra virgin olive oil and if it is to your liking, add the garlic and rosemary, finely chopped.

Close the container tightly and store it for three weeks in a dark place of your home. Depending on the amount of oil added to the final result will be more or less spicy.

spicy oil
Spicy oil

How to prepare your spicy oil? Give your recipe in the comments on this page.

If you want to know the best chili, you can take a look at wikipedia.

7 thoughts on “How to Make Spicy Oil at Home”

  1. Yes Luana. You can do pomace oil. It is disgusting but if you like no problem. You can also do with oil Johnson. It's all a matter of taste.

  2. Well, this is a recipe of oil with dried chilli…
    Of course you should do so, to avoid the risk of botulism, but I'll prepare it directly immersing, Once chopped fresh, in a little oil, and using the microwave so that it is perfectly dried in the oil itself.
    The oil is heated (…mainly due to water entering the hot peppers in boiling) but NEVER to more than 100 ° c.
    For even less heat the oil, I advise you to proceed to microwave pulses (is. 30″ application, 30″ rest).
    I guarantee that after a short time (…depending on the amount) the chili will be so dehydrated that it can be (…if you want) CRUMBLE!
    After that I proceed to the addition of fresh oil to taste.
    The almost total lack of water, It makes the preparation to ZERO risk of botulinum.
    Best regards!

  3. The spicy oil preparation as exposed is nearly perfect, I do not want presumptuous, but there should not be a pinch of salt for an excellent preservation?

  4. Ciao!! E’ You can use olive pomace oil? I know not’ but I was wondering the same thing and’ just a matter of taste or can’ be harmful because once prepared would be used more raw….

    1. How to Luana, the residue oil is what remains after the extraction of oil and it is still possible to extract residual oil. In fact, the residue, depending on the type of crusher, still contains the 3% to the 6% oil. This oil is extracted industrially, precisely in “sansifici”, by means of chemical solvents. This oil told “pomace oil crude” It is not edible: through a refining treatment is obtained “olive-pomace olive adjusted”, that still is not edible. Only after the addition of a percentage of unspecified virgin olive oil it becomes edible and named “olive pomace oil”. This product, in addition to having completely different composition and properties, is an oil of lower quality and less expensive,to put it in an elegant way;
      to tell it like it is,pomace oil is the most disgusting thing that one can imagine to find in pizza or to use as a sauce on our plates. In spite of everything…not illegal, you can find it among the ingredients of many “snacks” produced by large industries. My opinion…..use extra virgin olive oil.

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