How Not To Sprout Potatoes

How Not To Sprout Potatoes

How Not To Sprout Potatoes. Today we see together to solve a problem known to many people, who buys potatoes in retinas, he often faces a problem, after a few days our potatoes begin to sprout.

The specialists who work in the countryside during the harvest of this tuber take very precise measures to keep them perfect. Let's find out what they are:

How Not To Sprout Potatoes

The first step will be to understand what we absolutely must not do. Never wash them. Humidity is the biggest enemy of potatoes, therefore, for correct storage, clean them with a dry cloth. Never store them in the refrigerator, water and humidity cause them to rot.

How to store them. Store them in a dark box in a dry but not hot place, the perfect temperature would be 12 – 15 degrees.

How Not To Sprout Potatoes
How Not To Sprout Potatoes

What Happens To Potatoes

They belong to the Solanaceae family with peppers and tomatoes, if they turn green or sprout they can develop a poison called "solanine”If the tuber is green it means that it is rich in solanine, so it must be thrown away. In the case of the sprouts, we can remove them with a pointed knife, taking care to remove the root. Once peeled it can be consumed.

The second reason why it is better not to let them sprout, is that solanine causes the potato to become bitter.

A tip to avoid sprouting

Just arrange the potatoes on a plane, close together but not in contact. Insert a few apples between one and the other and you will see as if by magic that the potatoes will not sprout. Apples produce a gas called ethylene which prevents potatoes from sprouting. By following this trick we will always have sweet potatoes available and delicious and without solanine.

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