How to Properly Use the Oven

How to Properly Use the Oven

Our kitchens for several years were filled with accessories and appliances, many are worthless, like the food processor that we have been given away, or equipment purchased in some teleshopping. One tool that is mostly used together with stoves that for obvious reasons we use everyday, It is definitely the oven in our kitchen.

For this reason I decided to explain in this article how to best use correctly “the oven” to obtain a perfect cooking of any food.

How to Properly Use the Oven

Know your oven! As already mentioned earlier in one of my posts, “Each furnace is different from others”, so it would not sound trite to repeat that in the first ever to do is read the instruction manual of your oven.

Main types of oven:

How to Properly Use the Oven
How to Properly Use the Oven

The oven:

By means of the resistors which transform the electricity into heat which are usually positioned on the top and bottom of the oven, the electric oven can be of two types: static or ventilated.

Oven to Gas:

Until a few years ago it was definitely the best selling model, now slowly it is replaced by the electric. It has many advantages, the gas is cheaper than electric, It is much more simple to use, just turn on the burner with a match and…done, unlike that electrical it reaches the set temperature very quickly,. Among the negative aspects of this type of oven, there is the fact that has a tendency to bake more and less in the lower part of the upper one of the foods that bake.

How to Properly Use the Oven
How to Properly Use the Oven

The microwave:

More than for cooking, This type of oven you use it to warm or thaw food quickly. In this type of oven you remember that you should not include certain foods: Whole eggs in their shells, foods that contain large quantities of oil, drinks with high alcoholic content, metals or metal alloys, wood or glass.

The wood oven:

How to Properly Use the Oven
How to Properly Use the Oven

The oldest and most traditional ovens, perfect to cook our pizza or bread, but also very suitable for the preparation of meat, vegetables, fish and sweets. It should be turned on at least a couple of hours before using, always leave the door open during use, without oxygen the flame is extinguished immediately compromising cooking the same food. The wood stove should be cleaned from the ashes and embers, It reaches very high temperatures. The maximum temperature can bake pizzas and focaccia, meat, fish and vegetables at an average temperature and when the temperature starts to drop, We can bake bread and cakes.

How to Properly Use the Oven

The ovens of the new generation electrical have already pre-set different cooking modes, confectionery, pizza, fish, meat. Often they are ventilated. What does it mean?


The static oven is particularly suitable for baking leavened products, then this is precisely the most suitable type of oven to bake a pizza or our favorite dessert. The classic gas oven is considered static.


The convection oven cooks faster our foods, It has an internal fan that distributes the heat evenly. Beware, This is not always an advantage, in fact, it is not suitable for leavened products.

Tips that apply to all types of furnace:

The oven should always be pre-heated before introducing the food to be cooked.

Never open the oven while cooking, this could compromise the rise, if it is really necessary to open it, do it only in the last few minutes of cooking.

After cooking food, Always clean your oven to avoid leaving smells of what you have been previously cooked.

To learn more about the wood oven, click this link that will lead you to the Wikipedia page dedicated to this oven.


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