Freeze The Mozzarella

Freeze The Mozzarella

Freeze The Mozzarella. The best way to enjoy a good mozzarella is certainly to consume it at room temperature (not cold). But what to do if you have bought more than you should by mistake?

It is possible to freeze it? Better to freeze it than to see it end up in the garbage can. And if you really have to freeze it, here are some practical tips.

Freeze The Mozzarella

As in all things, also on mozzarella there are several schools of thought, freezing it is not difficult at all, less water will be present, the more thawing will bring the mozzarella back to its original organoleptic properties.

A very valid advice will be to freeze the mozzarella not in a single block, but already divided into portions, in this way you will be able to defrost only what is necessary.

What Types of Mozzarella to Freeze

As you have certainly guessed, the problem in freezing mozzarella is the water contained in it. So not all mozzarella will give the same result.

Buffalo mozzarella contains much more water than a mouthful of fiordilatte, not to mention the stracciatella mozzarella which is actually not mozzarella, given its large water content, after defrosting it will lose its texture and flavor.

Mozzarella for pizza

The mozzarella used in pizzerias has a low water content, so it is the one that lends itself best to being frozen.

I really wanted to get to this point, that is to suggest the best method to reuse mozzarella once frozen / thawed, that is to use it to fill a good pizza or succulent baked croutons. You will not notice the difference between fresh and frozen product.


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