Store Garlic Properly

Store Garlic Properly. Food storage is very important, both cooked and raw. Poor food storage would lead to compromising proper storage.

L’Garlic it is used a lot in our kitchens, both raw on bruschetta and cooked together with food. It offers many benefits to our body, perfect for treating colds, influences and brings many other benefits.

Store Garlic Properly

This bulb has a very strong flavor, it takes very little to give the right aroma to dishes, many remove them halfway through cooking, because it often leaves a strong breath.

If after buying it we want to keep it in our kitchen in a perfect way, we will simply have to follow a few small tricks.

Store Garlic Properly
Store Garlic Properly

Let's see how it should be stored

Conservation is by no means a difficult process. Let's start from the beginning, that is, at the time of purchase. Make sure the bulb is hard, does not have any cloves that are already mushy and above all no shoots.

Once we get home we find the right place for storage. The perfect temperature is 10/12 degrees, this means that in winter we can comfortably leave it outside the balcony, perhaps in a paper bag that absorbs moisture, since humidity is the biggest enemy of these bulbs.

Away from the sunlight, to prevent the bulb from deteriorating.

Methods of preserving garlic.

With the arrival of the hot season, preserving garlic becomes more difficult, the heat is responsible for germination.

The only remedy to remedy this problem is the usual trick: Buy them a little at a time.

The fridge

Garlic should only be kept in the fridge once you have opened it. It is advisable to store it in a container to prevent the strong odor from spreading inside the refrigerator and contaminating other foods.

If you are among those who immediately separate the cloves from the bulb, know that in the refrigerator they last a maximum of one week.


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