Cosa Fare Se L'Impasto Non Lievita

What To Do If The Dough Does Not Yeast

What To Do If The Dough Does Not Yeast. It is certainly not the first time this has happened, on the contrary, one of the frequently asked questions I am asked is: Because my dough does not rise.

It is clear that we have made some mistakes. The causes can be manifold, let's see how to solve the problem of the dough that does not rise together.

What To Do If The Dough Does Not Yeast

Pizzas, savory pies, focaccia and sweets have leavening in common. Let's see what to do when the dough does not rise.

Flour. Each type of flour has different rising times, The "wholemeal" flours rise very little, very slowly and sometimes they don't rise at all. Never use dough made exclusively with wholemeal flours, always mix them with weaker zero-type flours.

What To Do If The Dough Does Not Yeast
What To Do If The Dough Does Not Yeast

What to do if the dough does not rise

The salt: Salt is one of the fundamental ingredients for the preparation of a good dough. In addition to taste, it provides our dough with the right elasticity. Too much salt kills the yeast, this explains why salt should never be mixed with yeast but must always be added at the end of the dough.

The yeast: it is the basis of everything, always check the quantity and expiry date, especially if you are using fresh brewer's yeast which is a product that spoils easily.

Let's see the possible other causes

The temperature: Water directly affects leavening, always uses at room temperature. If it is irremediably cold it would block your leavening, if it is too hot it will kill the yeast bacteria. Always keep your dough away from drafts, cover it with a dry cloth.

The dexterity: You have used too much flour and the dough is too hard? This is also one of the common causes that prevent our dough from rising.

So what to do

If you have followed all my advice and the dough still does not rise, you can use the old grandmother's method: put it in your home oven turned off but with the light on, also add a saucepan of boiling water and close the door. After half an hour, check if it is rising.

Se neanche questo suggerimento funziona…ahimè vi siete dimenticati di aggiungere il lievito 🙂 quindi prendete un bicchiere di acqua tiepida scioglieteci dentro la dose di lievito suggerita dalla vostra ricetta, once melted, add it to the dough that does not rise. If the dough becomes too soft, add a small amount of flour and place it again to rise.


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