Difference Between Pinsa and Pizza

Difference Between Pinsa and Pizza

Difference Between Pinsa and Pizza. Many people get confused between these two products. Let's see once and for all what is the thing that differentiates them. The less experienced could confuse them.

Pinsa is a product that looks like a pizza, but it is prepared with a dough patented by Corrado Di Marco way back in time 2001.

What are the differences between pinsa and pizza

the pinsa it is prepared with a mixture of wheat flour, soybeans and rice along with dried sourdough.

After careful leavening pinsa her it is spread giving it an oval shape. It should be stuffed to taste, cooking at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Difference Between Pinsa and Pizza

The seasoning of pinsa and pizza it is no different from pizza, we know that tastes are very subjective. Given the high hydration of the grip, it may be less caloric, ma….

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