focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe. A good pizza maker, never would buy a sack of flour to cereal premixed. All pizza makers who have attended one of my professional courses at our school of pizza, They are able to realize the own flour mixture, be it for short leavening, both long rising in the refrigerator, whether you want to cook a pizza of the Roman esplanade type, or, as in our case, to mix your own cereals and add to the inside of the delicious seeds of millet or sunflower, then churn out the fantastic cakes to 5 cereals.

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe
focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

Today I propose to you our special blend cereal, suitable both for those who usually prepares the pizza at home, both pizza makers who prepare the dough for your own business.

My time-tested mixture is made so:

flour type “0” 50%

Wheat wholemeal flour 30%

oat bran 10%

pumpernickel flour 5%

flax flour 2,5%

Soy flour 2,5%

Add an amount to your liking sunflower seeds, seeds of millet and linseed, integers.

We far exceeded the 5 cereals, are many more, and, the result will be that you will get absolutely outstanding.

Preparatene a quantity of mixture of 10 chili, so you'll find it ready the next time you fancy a delicious focaccia cereal.

On our website we have debated flour for pizza, It will definitely be worth reading our Driving to the flour for pizza. Save it to your favorite sites!

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe
focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

This type of mixture of cereal flour is characterized by a high content of protein. The result we will get once the ingredients mixed, will be that of a flour mix with a very high index W, a very strong flour. The best way to work this kind of dough, to get a perfect cake, It gives him a long rising in the refrigerator for maturity arrivals. Very difficult to get good results with just a few hours of leavening.

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

To 4 pizzas or piattto 2 beautiful thicker buns, cooked in a pan, you'll need:

half liter of water

5 grams of yeast

30 grams of salt

and a small cup of coffee with extra virgin olive oil.

I prefer not to specify the weight of the flour, because as you well know, any flour absorbs water in varying quantities, then, the only way to obtain a perfect mix is ​​to slowly add the flour until our impact will be soft and elastic at the right point. (when you do not stick to your hands more).

If you are not experienced in the dough, I remind you that is available to all who wish, our course of professional pizza maker online. It contains many videos, lots of useful information for you to become a professional pizza chef. For more information about the course online, click here.

After the mixing phase, dividetelo in 2 pieces, formats 2 pats, put them in a container with a lid and let stand in a refrigerator at a temperature of 3 degrees for 48 hours.

And, 48 hours minimum, I will also leave 60/72 hours.

After the long leavening phase, pull out of the refrigerator container with your dough, at least 2/3 hours prior to completion.

Roll out your buns on the baking sheet or on round shapes, add an extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and the inevitable rosemary.

The pizza was 5 cereal or just “on cereals” It is already beautiful and consistent as it is, not further appesantitela with heavy fillings, like mozzarella or cheese or cold cuts.

We worked hard to get our pizza I have the smell of the earth and its fruits (cereals), gustiamola so, the natural, not invent junk or various fillings that go to cover its delicate perfumes, your guests will thank you and appreciate. Pair it with a good still white and fresh.

focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe
focaccia Ai 5 Cereals The Best Recipe

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