Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil

Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil. Everyones, adults and children, the delicious oil are used a lot on our plates, their use goes up from aperitifs to accompany roast meat.

Another way to enjoy these vegetables mixed, It is to prepare a tasty focaccia.

This week while Cintia was attending the ongoing professional pizzaiolo at our school, we have prepared this simple focaccia.

Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil
Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil

This cake is a fantastic aperitif, try freshly baked hot serve to your guests.

Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil

Preparing the mix.

Even before preparing the dough dear friends, I recommend reading our guide flour for pizza. There will be a big help when you have in front of the shelf of the supermarket flour. Which flour buy?

Dough: To prepare the mixture you can follow our video recipe for pizza dough by clicking here.

After the rising phase, roll out the pizza, pour the contents of the jar of oil, a pinch of salt, an extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary needles.

Bake in a hot oven 300 degrees and 3 the 4 minutes browned to perfection.

Baked focaccia and ... .divoratela.

Focaccia At Vegetables in Oil

Below the video of Cintia preparing this delicious focaccia with great simplicity.:





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