Focaccia With Onions Borettane

Focaccia With Onions Borettane

Focaccia With Onions Borettane. It's holiday time, the awaited vacation expectations twelve months. This year, along with some close friends I decided to do a drive by moving to the north Italy, to fresh research because I come from the heat became very oppressive. When it was lunch time we stopped to eat in a small town of just over five thousand inhabitants, the name was not new, but I could not remember why: Boretto. Said so maybe does not mean anything, but if I say "to the Onions Borettana" all, or nearly all, They understand what we're talking.

We have all had at least once in life to eat these delicious onions, They are smaller than classic onion, but full of taste. looking crushed, are cooked in sweet and sour and preserved in vinegar or olive oil. They have like the classic onion detoxifying and diuretic, perfect to fight influences, cough and cold.

They keep very well in the cellar, distant from fruit, just put them in a box covered by sheets of newspaper and stored copies a year.

Excellent as a side dish, tasty when combined with roasted and grilled.

On pizza, or as in our case the oven on a flat bread is absolutely delicious.

Focaccia With Onions Borettane

At the end of the holiday, return in our workshops School Pizza, We immediately packed our focaccia with onions Borettane.

Focaccia With Onions Borettane
Focaccia With Onions Borettane


Those who follow often our "pizza blog" knows that always prepare our bodies with strong flour We always leave mature in the refrigerator for 24/48 hours minimum.

After the maturation phase we report the mixture to room temperature and let him rise to perfection.

Drawing up:

Always Roll out the dough with your hands, avoided the use of the rolling pin.

Add abundantly borettane onions evenly over the surface of the cake and topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and rosemary.

It is known that the simple things are always the most good, and this is definitely the best way to fully enjoy the Borettane onions.

Focaccia With Onions Borettane
Focaccia With Onions Borettane

Focaccia With Onions Borettane

Below is a video of Paulo in our labs school pizza during the preparation of this succulent pizza.


Focaccia With Onions Borettane

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