Focaccia with Onions and Cooked Ham

Focaccia with Onions and Cooked Ham

Focaccia with Onions and Cooked Ham. This week our friend Juan joined our professional pizza course at our school.

Juan comes from Holland and for everyone who goes there often for a break, I have great news. Very soon it will open its own pizzeria. Excellent pizza chef and with a professional course of 5 days he learned quickly.

Focaccia with Onions and Cooked Ham

Just as the title says, we have prepared a delicious focaccia with a few simple ingredients, but quality.

Tropea red onion, high quality cooked ham and oil, salt and rosemary to season the most classic of focaccias.

The Preparation

After the quick draft we added extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of fine salt and fresh rosemary to give perfume to our focaccia. The cooked ham was added only after cooking, it was so good that we didn't want to alter the taste.

The cooking time was about two minutes.


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Silvio Cicchi