Focaccia With Seafood Salad

Focaccia With Seafood Salad

Focaccia With Seafood Salad. This morning, just arrived in our School pizzaioli, I found a pleasant surprise: There were some friends waiting for me to celebrate my 41 years as Pizzaiolo. I tried to summarize all the places I've been working over time, but it's really hard to remember them all. The cause may be getting old ... ..sto.

Fortunately, the pizzas prepared in the years since I remember them all, I never stopped practicing. Among the many pizzas that I have prepared, there is one that I particularly like, it is a very simple pizza, a cake decorated with a simple but delicious seafood salad.

Focaccia With Seafood Salad
Focaccia With Seafood Salad

I took advantage of the fact that this week is playing the practical course of pizza maker the most likeable Marta who came to our school directly from Brazil.

We have prepared the delicious focaccia along with seafood salad.

The first thing to do is prepare seafood salad.  And simple to prepare, the seafood salad is prepared with shellfish with the shell: Mussels and clams, and without shell, octopus and squid, at all they are added after being boiled shrimp shrimp and other crustaceans. Finally the salad is dressed with oil, salt, pepper and vinegar or lemon. This preparation is usually served cold, but alas, is tailor-made for my cake that is perfect to just eat hot out of the oven, but undoubtedly also cold is delicious.

Focaccia With Seafood Salad

Below is a video of Martha during the preparation of this special focaccia.


Focaccia With Seafood Salad

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