Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers

Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers

Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers. Come diceva un famoso pizzaiolo 🙂 “Paulo Coelho” “Le cose più semplici sono le più straordinarie, and only the wise can see them ". This morning, before preparing this wonderful focaccia, I had to think long. I had my doubts on use of onion, They roamed around the lab many women and from personal experience I know that all the nice ladies are trying in every way to avoid eating onions due to heavy breath. In the end the choice of using red onion seemed the most logical and apt. As you all know, This type of red onion has a very pleasant taste, almost verging on sweet, It is not as strong as the classic white or golden onion, the best thing is that it leaves no smell our breath.

Along with Marta, arrived from Brazil to attend one of our practical training as a pizza maker, we decided to prepare this delicious cake that has a few simple ingredients and a unique taste: A focaccia with excellent tuna with extra virgin olive oil in pieces, the red onion into thin slices and finely chopped red peppers into strips.

Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers
Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers

Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers

For the preparation of this focaccia we used a mixture previously prepared with a medium strength flour (W270) we left in the fridge for 24 hours for ripening.

After having carefully spread the balls of pizza, we added the tuna in extra virgin olive oil, taking care to crumble evenly over the pizza surface, we added the red onion thinly sliced, finally the red peppers.

A little oil extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and the inevitable rosemary.

As soon as our oven has reached 300 degrees, We fired our focaccia. Do not leave the oven because your pizza will be ready in 3 minutes.

Remove from the oven as soon as the edge reaches the perfect golden brown and add two leaves of fresh basil. Serve piping hot to your lucky guests paired with a glass of wine.

In the video below you will see just Marta during the preparation of this special focaccia. I would say that to be only the third day of training course at our school pizza, if along very well.




 Focaccia With Tuna Onion and Peppers

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