Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta. As surely you are able to imagine, during the professional pizza maker courses organized by our School of Italian pizza, There we make big binge of pizza. How to teach the greatest chefs, you must always taste what you are cooking.

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta
Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta


During the morning, already to the 10:00 you start churning out pizza on pizza. One of the simplest pizzas to be prepared is an exquisite focaccia, Figure at the top of my personal list of preferences, and it has a very unique toppings: Bacon sweet type cubes and slices of red onions from Tropea. Taste this cake mid-morning, when hunger begins to bite, I assure you it is a unique pleasure. E’ cocktail hour, then a piece of this delicious cake with a beautiful white is firm and fresh right thing.

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta

As you can certainly imagine, the preparation of this cake at home, or in your business takes you away just a short time.

The dough is prepared with a strong flour, then with a long leavening in a refrigerator at 3 degrees. All of my site readers, now they know how to prepare the dough to perfection, but for all those who need to refresh their memory, I suggest reading some previous posts useful in the preparation of this pizza if you have any doubt:

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta


After the dough has finished rising phase, we begin to roll out the ball of dough forming disk of dough. Add the sweet bacon cubes, we cut a red onion and add it to the our pizza.

Now we can do is dress properly!

A pinch of marine salt, a good extra virgin olive oil and some rosemary to give a touch of Mediterranean fragrance to our pizza.

Bake in oven previously brought to a temperature of 300 degrees abundant.

At this temperature, the cake will take about 3 the 4 minutes to brown to perfection.

Remove from the oven and serve hot to your guests accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta

There will surely be of further help, the video made during the course of a professional pizza maker with Vitor who came specially from Portugal to learn the art of pizza at our school.

Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta

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We end today's recipe with a pearl of wisdom: The longer the menu, First comes the waiter to take our order. About menu…you are interested to know how it should be done on a pizza menu for a guaranteed success? Read our article on the menu of a pizzeria.

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Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta
Focaccia Bacon and Onions Videoricetta


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