Focaccia with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Focaccia with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. This week as a guest of our School of Pizza Makers, Mrs. Celia is enrolled in the professional course.

Celia comes from Portugal, country where tourism is growing strongly. She enrolled in one of our "Practical Courses for Pizza Makers”Which we carry out weekly in our pizza school in Italy.

Practical Professional Courses

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Focaccia with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy a salad with cherry tomatoes together with a succulent buffalo mozzarella, served on a fragrant focaccia, here is a nice project to prepare next weekend.

Be inspired by our video recipe prepared by Celia.


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For all those who haven't done it yet, I remember that my latest collection of recipes of products that a few years ago were present on all the menus of the pizzerias is already available for download, then… it's called Non Solo Pizza, You find it here.

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Silvio Cicchi