Tomato pizza:which one to use

Tomato pizza:Which one to use

Tomato pizza:Which one to use

Tonight pizza!! I'm coming right now from the supermarket, and ho contact Ben 18 different types of tomato for sale on the shelves, I feel lucky because I know this job, then I know which tomato choose to prepare our pizza, but I can imagine that if it were to purchase a professional pizza, he would be definitely in trouble. So in this article we learn to know well what type of tomato to use and how to use it.

Tomato pizza:Which one to use

Tomato pizza:which one to use
Peeled tomatoes

The peeled tomatoes is certainly the most used in cooking and suitable as a sauce for pizza. Should be cut into cubes and arrange them on a colander for a few minutes to separate the excess water. The specification for the pizza Napoletana STG indicates precisely the peeled tomatoes (San Marzano) as a product to be used on pizza. The tomatoes are canned without peel, then we can do is pass, season them and we will have our tomato ready for pizza.

If you want to save effort, you can find on the market on supermarket shelves the tomato puree.

Tomato pizza:which one to use
Tomato sauce

The past, is nothing other than the peeled tomatoes already passed, and then ready for use. Let's worry about just buying a quality product and has no aftertaste acid. Open the can, the seasoned and done .... Almost all the pizzerias use tomato puree quality for their pizzas.

The fresh tomatoes and ripe, is definitely a great product to use for the pizza. It should be cut into cubes, Elementary leave a few minutes to separate it from the excessive amount of water which contains, then goes past to separate it from the skins.

Tomato pizza:which one to use
Cherry Tomato

The cherry tomato, taste sweet, certainly should not be considered as a possible replacement for the cousin peeled, but it really is a great seasoning on many pizzas, try to imagine a beautiful loaf of freshly baked potatoes, topped with cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes "cherry" or any other type, shall be divided into 4 cloves and seasoned with olive oil, salt and fresh basil.

If you want to know more about the tomato, click here


The four seasons pizza

Pizza four seasons

Pizza four seasons

The pizza 4 seasons takes its name from the disposal of the ingredients on it, usually arranged in 4 cloves stuffed in a different way. Almost every pizzeria proposes it to the public with different ingredients, someone uses porcini mushrooms, others use dried tomatoes, there are those who even adds various vegetables.

The four seasons pizza
Four seasons
Pizza four seasons

I would like to offer the classic recipe of pizza four seasons.

Difficulty: Media

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 gr of tomato pulp

200 grams of mushrooms

80 grams of cooked ham

100 grams of artichokes

100 grams of mozzarella

Oil, sale, pepper and oregano to season the tomato pulp

Prepare the pizza dough for 4 people, helping with reading this article.

Let rise our dough as described in this article.

Preparation of mushrooms: In a pan fry a clove of garlic in extra virgin olive oil, pour the mushrooms cut, add a pinch of salt and one of pepper, add the finely chopped parsley and let trifolare until all the water evaporates.

Roll out the dough into disks. For this work could come to your aid this article.

Sprinkle the disk of pizza with tomato pulp

Season the first segment with our mushrooms

The second with artichokes

The third slice with ham

The fourth segment goes topped with mozzarella, which is also sprinkled on top of all other segments.

A drizzle of olive oil and place it in the oven already heated to 220 degrees

Employ about 20 minutes to cook.

Measures: For the success of your pizza, suggest you add the mozzarella on pizza in just the past 5 minutes of cooking.

Aesthetic variations: During the writing of the pizza, form a border that divides the pizza into four segments visible, as shown below.

The four seasons pizza
Four seasons

Other: The four seasons Vivaldi

How to make bread


How to make bread at home

How do common bread at home, procedure and tips
Difficulty: media
Eating at the table bread we just made and baked, is one of those things that leave us very satisfied. I just suggest a recipe easy to prepare at home vostra.Useremo few simple ingredients, which must be of a quality.
Flour white type 00: 250 gr
Flour Manitoba (durum wheat):250 gr
Water 300 gr
Brewer's yeast ½ cube (12,5 grams)
Sale 1 teaspoon

How to make bread at home

Instructions: Put in a large container, the flour and the yeast dissolved in water. Start working the dough with your hands until it begins to form a smooth paste. Now add a teaspoon of salt and let it melt in the dough.
Place the dough on a work surface.
Knead until the dough does not prove to be homogeneous.
Slowly add the remaining water. The amount of water absorbed by the flour can vary ,and if the dough is sticky, add more flour.
The dough will be ready when you come off completely from your hands.

How to make bread at home
Batter ready

We give a shape to our bread. If this is the first time you try them at home to make bread, I advise you to prepare a loaf stretched, be easier cooking.
Cover the dough and let rise until doubled in volume will be (at least 2 hours)

Making bread at home
Ready to bake

**The recipe for whole wheat bread has the same manufacturing process, but it should be replaced white flour with the same amount of wheat flour.
Bake in preheated oven at 190 degrees and cook for 25/30 minutes, or until the crust does not prove to be perfectly golden.
The bread should be allowed to cool slowly for you to lose the moisture content in excess.
Wikipedia devotes much space to bread.
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Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

It 'a bit' of time now that I read in the papers that there are companies looking for pizza, say there are more than 6000 places available, the same news was also repeated on some TV channel at lunch on the news. In these times of crisis? If I let my strong doubts about it, on the contrary, I assure you that the crisis is also felt here. Despite all the web and around the shop windows, I get to see lots of posters from various schools that organize courses pizzaiolo in large quantities. We are talking about the catering sector, and in detail of pizzerias ...... I assure you that even here there is a severe crisis, and is felt. Just look around to see with their own eyes, how many pizzerias are already closed, and how many are in great difficulty. In Any Case, if there was a great demand, and are not found pizzaioli, I think it means that the salaries for those who make this art or craft are too low, this explains why "are not pizza", if you do this work, you are surely aware of the large number of pizza makers working abroad, in countries like the UK or Germany, where salaries are much higher.

Open a pizzeria
Open a pizzeria

Turning Italy for work, I noticed a phenomenon much more common in the north than to the south: The pizza makers are immigrants. We know that in times of crisis like this that we are living ... everything is permitted.

Who does this work, performs many sacrifices, and definitely will happen at all to say: I open my pizzeria.

Open a pizzeria

How much and what it takes to open a local commercial pizza slices?

Here's a quote, very rough, but that definitely helps us to better understand the situation.

An electric oven or gas costs 2500 euro

A fridge industrial costs no less than 1500 euro

A mixer costs about 400 euro

Furnishing of a pizza takeaway 5000 euro

So to put on the whole we manage with 12.000 € VAT included.

E? can purchase the equipment used, and save money, but less than this figure does not seem possible

To these costs must be added the recurring management costs

Rent the room




A pizza dish costs on average 6,50 euro.

So the pizzeria should sell about 50 pizzas a day, 350 a week to collect the minimum useful for survival (Personally I do not think there are many pizzerias takeaway that this average receipts) to have a monthly turnover of 9000 euro.

I repeat that these are estimates only lump.

Description Costs Revenues
Proceeds from the sale of 350 pizzas a week    9.000,00
Rent the room  1.000,00  
Energy expenditure  250,00  
Phone  30,00  
INPS flat 1st year  250,00  
Business consultant  100,00  
Salary committed  1.200,00  
Purchase goods  1.400,00  
Advertising 1st year  150,00  
TOTAL  4.380,00  9.000,00
VAT on sales  901,80  
VAT on purchases and energy (flat rate)  150,00  
VAT to be paid  751,80  
GROSS PROFITS  3868,20  
Estimated net of personal TAXES  2.800,00  


This is what is left to our manager, ...... but there are still many other things to aggiungeree I leave you to imagine what might be. Do yourself well your accounts, and reach a recessed average 350 euro per day to survive!!

It should? It is not for me to answer this question, but I think if a pizza is young and wants to get involved, this is the time to try.

Contact me for all the information you need, or for advice on 'start of your new local.

Open a pizzeria

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The drafting of the balls of pizza

Drawing up of balls of pizza

Drawing up of balls of pizza.

In the many years that I do this work, I've seen thousands of colleagues intent in drafting the balls of pizza. I must confess that there is a right way and a wrong way to roll out the balls, each adopts its technical staff and proven over time.

Drawing up of balls of pizza
The drafting

Drawing up of balls of pizza.

To have a successful, just follow some rules:

The dough should be well leavened, must have at least doubled in volume.

When you proceed to the drafting of the ball, we must never crush the edge, otherwise sforneremo a pizza without board. Matches from the center pushing the gases produced by rising to the outside.

Everything else…….practice, much practice. This is the main reason for which you attended a course for pizza.

For a pizza lying evil, which took a little presentable form, is preferable to a ball for pizza spread with a rolling pin. Will certainly have little border around, but the result will be better in terms of aesthetics.

I wanted to add a video to facilitate your task. A pizza maker takes on average just over 30 seconds for the drafting of the balls of pizza.

Video by SC web marketing agency

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The pizza in the USA

The pizza in the USA


When we think of pizza in USA, associate it constantly to what we usually see in movies, that is, the delivery boy who arrives on a motorbike, pulls out of the box these huge boxes of pizza, at the door delivery and is paid, complete with a tip.


The pizza in the USA
The pizza in the USA

In our culture, Pizza is designed as a dish if .... Each order his, stuffed with your taste, while The pizza in the US, is commonly associated with a large pizza to consume all together, divided into wedges, where everyone adds their ingredients, a bit 'like our pizza slices, when we buy the pizza slices for our family, we order 2 pieces stuffed in a certain way, and other pieces stuffed in a different way, and so on. The thickness of the pizzas USA is a cross between our pizza to the plate and the cut.

Also in this vast country, the pizzas are adapted to different cultures and cities: If during one of your trips you happen to visit New York, you will surely have the opportunity to enjoy your pizza New York Style, very famous is also the Californian style, and how not to mention one of the most famous pizza in Chicago: The Deep Dish or more is commonly called Chicago Style, from thick edge, and baked in round containers, just like our pizza slices.

The condiments: Certainly very different from ours, and adapted to the different climate of the US, have a look, on their site, some large chain type Domino’s Pizza or on Pizza Hut, you'll immediately notice that the ketchup, ingredient symbol Americano, is on all kinds of pizza. Another common ingredient, very popular in this country, is the Pepperoni, that unlike the name that could mislead, is a type of spicy salami, that is sliced ​​on pizza.

Pizza United States
Pizza con Ketchup
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The gluten in pizza

The gluten pizza

The gluten pizza

After having dealt with the article on the gluten and pizza, Today we will see the behavior of the gluten in the dough pizza.

I am very happy that many of you have written to me thanking me for doing clarity on gluten, because once we clear this concept, we can move on to see how it behaves the gluten in our pizza dough.

The gluten pizza

The gluten in pizza
The gluten in pizza

The gluten mesh may be more or less strong depending on the type of flour which we used for the dough, holds in its alveolus gases that are formed during leavening (check out this article if you have not already done) and makes it swell and then increase in volume.

We will certainly have to try to stretch the ball of your pizza, and note that it is very elastic, too elastic, This happens when the gluten has not finished the process of relaxation, that is not yet completed the process of leavening. Many of us will certainly have to try to roll the ball of the dough for pizza and find enormous difficulties in doing so, having the feeling of working with an elastic, This happens when the dough has not yet completed the process of leavening. Giving the right to the dough resting time, we can spread the ball with no problem, and even during cooking the gluten will be able to keep gases.


Each mix has its time to rise, that can be influenced by several factors: the temperature of the environment in which we live, flour, water, the type of yeast, the amount of salt in the dough. Let us not forget that during the rising process, takes the maturation of the dough, process described in this article, that are going to affect the lightness and digestibility of our finished product.

Are you interested in knowing more about pizza? Access our free online course.

The gluten in pizza
The gluten visible in pizza

Article: The gluten pizza

Also visit the website S.C agency web marketing

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Gluten and pizza

Today I'll talk about Gluten trying to do it in a very simple way.. This word, in recent times has become part of our everyday vocabulary, part of (merit) goes to those suffering from some disorder of food intolerance, up to the celiac disease can not tolerate gluten absolutely. And to think that we find commonly in all leavened products from the oven.

Gluten and pizza
Dough for pizza

When we begin to knead flour and water, you begin to form the lattice glutinico. We find the gluten in all flours, even if in a different way.

Each type of flour has a different protein value (Gliadine and Glutenine) that upon contact with the water to rise to a protein complex called precisely gluten. Gluten form a lattice in our dough that will be the backbone of the mix that supports it and it does not do it rise deflate. The reticle is visible if we look at the interior of a slice of bread, where we can observe the alveolus or lattice that is formed.

Gluten and pizza
Slice of bread

The percentage of gluten that contains a flour that is mixed with water as the unit of measure the "strength"Which is shown in all packs of flour with the symbol The. Then, the greater the value of W, the greater the strength of that flour.

The flour for biscuits average has a W ranging from 130 to 170

Flour for pizza has a W ranging from 240 (pizza quick rise), to a W higher than the 300 (for long leavening also 24 hours in the fridge)

Panettone and Pandoro to support its own weight (eggs,butter, flour,,water) need of a flour with W ranging up to 450.

The classic packs of flour in the supermarket do not report this value (The) then choose a flour where it is clearly indicated "flour for pizza"

It might be helpful, also the reading of protein values ​​shown in the pack of flour:

Protein values ​​up to 10% are index of flour for pastries, cookies or tarts.

Protein values ​​ranging dall'11-13% are index flours suitable for the pizza, bread and all the buns

Values ​​above 14%: Flour for bakery products that require a large structure.

Now that we know what gluten, let's see how it behaves in our dough, but this I will explain in the next article.

What says wikipedia about gluten?

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The yeast for the pizza

The yeast for the pizza

The yeast for the pizza

The yeast for the pizza
The yeast for the pizza

The yeast for pizza is formed by microorganisms "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" that entered in'Dough of flour and water, and then cause the fermentation leavening, namely the transformation of sugars into carbon dioxide.

The yeast for the pizza

We can find it on the market in two different forms:

  • In the form of cubes called fresh yeast, short expiry, strictly to be kept in a refrigerator, This type of yeast is used in all pizzerias, responds quickly because the microorganisms are already active in its interior.
  • Granules, called dry yeast. You buy in supermarkets. Is nothing but the fresh yeast which is subjected to the process of dehydration. This type of yeast has a deadline very long since in the absence of water microorganisms are paused. To use it, we have to add it in warm water for a few minutes.

For the right amount to use we could say that 1 gram of dry yeast equivalent to 3 grams of fresh yeast.

For all the housewives or all enthusiasts who want to make pizza at home we give advice: Use fresh yeast. So doing shortened times Proving and maturation of your dough.

To those who have much time available we suggest you use the yeast or natural for kneading, perhaps coupled with a pinch of yeast, to have absolute certainty that the dough will rise. The results obtained will be superior in terms of richness of flavor and fragrances. In this article explains how to make your home the natural yeast or yeast.

Amount of yeast to use:

Whatever your recipe that followed, I warn: Are you using too much yeast.

After mixed and prepared thousands and thousands of pizzas in my life, I assure you that for our classic dough 4 people who can view in this article, are needed 1,5 grams. I understand that you trust, I agree with you that you have to do it quickly rise to bake and eat it, but the use of a higher dose could compromise your final product, giving the pizza a strong smell of yeast. Better to use a little yeast and give the right to the dough rising time, maybe until it has doubled in volume.

Some of my colleagues uses a stick of 25 grams to prepare 600 pizza in pizzeria, leaving the dough to rise in the refrigerator for more than 24 ..lascio hours ... you draw conclusions.

So to all those who will compete in making pizza at home, counsel to prepare the dough in the morning, then use it in the evening for dinner. You will have a final product perfectly leavened and mature to perfection.

Baking pizza beer

What says wikipedia on yeast

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The Pizza Margherita History and Prescription

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

Silvio Cicchi
The Pizza Margherita History and Prescription
Pizza Margherita

History tells us that the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito who worked in Naples in the pizzeria "Peter ... and Just So"(1780) the same pizzeria still exists today and is called "Pizzeria Brandi", was called by the official of the Palace of Capodimonte, where they were visiting the King of Italy Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoy to prepare a pizza for them. The queen looked with favor on the pizza that just took his name. It was a very simple pizza, and had the three colors of the Italian flag. The green basil, the white of the mozzarella and red tomato.

The pizza Margherita History and Recipe

Plate the birthplace of the pizza Margherita
Targa Birth of Pizza Margherita
Daisy Queen of savoy
Queen Margherita of Savoy


The Pizza Margherita Pizza is the most popular in the world, every pizzeria proposes its own version.

Today we will prepare the classic pizza Margherita, There are many variations, but each has its own personal way to prepare, this is my recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people:

Dough: To prepare the Read this article

Other necessary ingredients:

250 grams of Mozzarella

200 grams of peeled tomatoes
Preparation time: 30 my
Cooking time: 20 my
Rising time 1 hour or until the dough is not doubled in volume.


Take the risen dough and roll it on a baking sheet greased.

Season with peeled tomatoes, oil, sale e basilico

Cook for about twenty minutes 220 degrees.
Just the pizza margherita is almost ready, remove from oven and season with diced mozzarella and basil and bake for others 5 minutes.

Cut and serve hot.

History and recipe for pizza margherita

Pizza Margherita

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Executive chef pizza