Pioppini Mushrooms Let's get to know them better

Pioppini Mushrooms Let's get to know them better

Pioppini Mushrooms Let's get to know them better. Our culinary tradition is full of recipes based on mushrooms. This food brings many beneficial substances to our body.

The pioppini they deserve special commendation, Let's go together to find out What are and what it is, as well as of course the best recipes.

Tasty and full of benefits

Let's start by saying that the pioppini they are often confused with pegs, perhaps because of the name, but I can assure you that they are two things completely different.

Their appearance can deceive you, stem long and thin and the cap is small and brown. Both grow on the trunk not on the ground. As I repeat to you every time: Buy them at the supermarket, or take them to the ASL.

Pioppini Mushrooms Let's get to know them better

Pioppini mushrooms are also called piopparelli and belong to the Agrocybe aegerita species. They are not poisonous indeed they are very good.

They contain water, low in fat and calories, perfect for those on a diet. Rich in fiber and B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

What are the pioppini

To clean them use the special mushroom brush. Remove the end of the stem which is harder. They are cooked whole, without cutting them into strips.

I'm not telling you what a delight pizza with pioppini mushrooms sautéed in a pan.

Cooking the pioppini mushrooms

Among the many recipes with pioppini I would put in first place i sautéed pioppini in a pan with garlic oil and parsley. Perfect to accompany meat, or as I like them stewed with sausages.

With the pioppini mushrooms it is possible to prepare delicious bruschetta, the escalopes with mushrooms pioppini, polenta with mushrooms and don't forget to taste the omelette with pioppini.

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