The Most Clicked Links On Our Site

The Most Clicked Links On Our Site

The Most Clicked Links On Our Site. Today we are going to look at a very interesting thing, that is, which are the links that are clicked the most by the readers of our website.

Some links are classic and topical, but others are absolute surprises. Let's see them together.

The most clicked links

The most clicked link is the one that provides all the information regarding our pizza school, The courses we organize, where we are, how to reach us, costs, hotel accommodation. You will find all the information here.

Another very clicked link is the one that leads to the calendar of upcoming courses in programming. It is nice to have an always updated calendar. This is the link.

The Most Clicked Links On Our Site

There he is, this is certainly the most clicked, who does not want to always have on hand over 200 pizza recipes? It is very useful, everyone uses it when making pizza at home, is a great source of inspiration. Follow the link.

Here we are at the online professional pizza chef course. From the following link you have access to information on the fantastic ONLINE professional pizza chef course, an excellent course that you can download on your pc or mobile phone and follow it comfortably from the sofa at home. Get it here.

Other useful links

The page reserved for my collection of recipes which is called: Not only pizza is one of the pages with the highest number of clicks, You find it here.

This page leads to the fantastic pdf manual dedicated to those who love pizza. It is the manual that all pizza chefs who enroll in the online course receive at home in the email. To learn more, click here.

We're the end

I finish with another very popular link. The post is called Digesting Pizza. Please read it, it is very important for those who care about pizza. Clicca who.

Last, but no less important is our article which explains in detail the pizza maturation process, Follow this link.


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Silvio Cicchi