The Vegan Calzone

The Vegan Calzone

The Vegan Calzone. We continue our review of vegan pizzas. The pizza that Sabina prepares for you today is a calzone filled with delicious ingredients vegans.

Sabina from the Bosnia she enrolled in our professional practical course at ours School pizzaioli. For those who want more information about our professional courses, can follow this link.

The Vegan Calzone that everyone likes

just so, as the title clearly says, everyone likes it. Vegan and non-vegan, dieters like it, like those looking for a light pizza, kids love it.

The preparation of this calzone is very easy, just add the vegetables you like best or those you have available in your refrigerator.

The Vegan Calzone

Below is the video to follow for those who want to prepare it at home next weekend.


Vegan, a lifestyle

If you have not already done, I remind you that my latest collection of recipes called: Not only pizza. Follow this link.

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Silvio Cicchi