The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria. Until a few years ago, many pizzerias insisted on offering dessert pizzas to their customers, now this trend seems to be heading towards a certain sunset, not all customers are happy to eat another pizza for dessert, even if it could be very good.

The fact is that after a pizza, eating another one to end a dinner is an unlikely hypothesis. Can you imagine how many calories a pizza can have with an overflowing layer of Nutella spread on top.

How fashions change

Let's face it, everyone has experienced a dessert pizza at least once in their life, but now we are more oriented towards something smaller or perhaps lighter.

Following is the result of the "Consumers" report, the most requested dessert in a pizzeria is the old Tiramisu which never seems to set.

The best-selling dessert in the pizzeria

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