Focaccia dough At Citrus

Focaccia dough At Citrus

Focaccia dough At Citrus. Fragrant, with a light citrus scent, delicious cake with citrus fruits immediately won me. Freshly baked, cut into slices with the ham is a unique bounty.

During the course of pizza at our school (more information) the pizza chef Aldo has prepared a paste with citrus yogurt for a delicious focaccia.

Focaccia dough At Citrus
Focaccia dough At Citrus

We dissolved the yeast in a little water, a cup of yogurt with citrus and medium strength flour w 250 about. A little sugar, salt and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

With the obtained mixture, we formed 3 putting balls into a container with airtight lid refrigerator.

Focaccia dough At Citrus

See the Aldo movie that prepares the dough to citrus.

Focaccia dough At Citrus

After the long rising and after the dough carefully brought back to room temperature, Roll out the balls to form disk of dough, for those who are not very experienced in the manual drafting of pizza, we suggest reading of one of our previous post It illustrates the video help us perform this simple manual operation to be real professionals.

Add a pinch of salt on the surface up, an extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary.

Below the video of the preparation of the cake with citrus fruits

Sfornatela, cut into wedges, add the ham into slices and serve while still hot to your guests.

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