Irish Pizza Videoricetta

Irish Pizza Videoricetta

Irish Pizza Videoricetta. As you all know, to ours Professional courses of Pizzaiolo participating students from all over the world. This week received his certificate a very good tomato sauce from Ireland by Dublin City. For his final test prepared the Irish Pizza, or if you prefer you can call “pizza Irish”.

As it should be, The pizza is made with ingredients that represent the colors of the flag of this beautiful European country, Green represented by rocket, the white of the mozzarella and the orange of cherry tomatoes. To these ingredients we added pepperoni and black olives that all Irish invariably require on your pizza.

Irish Pizza Videoricetta
Irish Pizza Videoricetta

Irish Pizza Videoricetta

Preparation of pizza dough

After carefully lettto This Post devoted entirely to such buy flour to prepare a good pizza, prepare the dough. If you are not an expert, follow our advice on how to prepare a perfect dough for pizza clicking here.

Divide into balls 250/270 grams and place in a container with lid, at rest for leavening. If you would like more tips and advice on the delicate phase of the rising, There will surely help reading our article devoted entirely to the rise that you will find here.

When the dough has risen to perfection, roll out the balls of dough to form the disks of dough the diameter of about 30 cm.

Irish Pizza Videoricetta

Seasoning pizza

Add the tomato, spicy salami and below a thick layer of mozzarella.

Bake in an oven pre-heated to 300 degrees for 3 the 4 minutes, until the edge will be perfectly golden.

Remove from the oven, add the rocket, or as they prefer to call it the Irish “Rocket Salad“, Cherry tomatoes, the pitted black olives and shaved Parmesan over the entire surface of the pizza.

Serve piping hot to your guests embarking on a nice mug “Guinness

Would you like to prepare at your home a good pizza like the one you eat at the table of your favorite pizzeria? I have prepared for you a fantastic course of Pizzaiolo Online, many videos ready to watch again and again, you can easily learn all the secrets of this fascinating work. Clicca who to know more.

Follow attentmente our video to prepare at your home the perfect Irish Pizza.



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