The cacciannanze

The cacciannanze

The Cacciannanze

The cacciannanze is a typical focaccia Marche, a region of Italy that gave much to Italian cuisine, I quote only a couple of recipes on all: The stuffed olives or the fantastic fish soup to Sambenedettese. The recipe of cacciannanze has long traditions that bring us back to the times when the bread for the families was done in the wood oven of your own home. The word-hunting annanze dialect Marche could tradurrre: expulsion first, that is, first baked bread. This product was mainly used as a tool to control the temperature of the oven, if the temperature was right, after having baked the cacciannanze could proceed to remove all the embers, wipe off the hob and then bake the bread. At that time, they could not make mistakes, the bread was survival.

Focaccia the cacciannanze
The cacciannanze

The cacciannanze

The product obtained "cacciannanze", is a product easy, seasoned with olive oil, sale, garlic and rosemary. I was told by some elderly in the country where I live, that some rich family who at the time was well off, gladly added a few pieces of bacon, chopped.


For the preparation of cacciannanze started following the procedure for the bread dough indicated in this article.


Chop the rosemary needles with garlic finely and add to these herbs a pinch of salt.


After the dough is leavened, must have at least doubled in volume, roll it out on a baking sheet with parchment paper or waxed well, and add the chopped herbs previously prepared. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and place it in your oven which you have previously brought to a temperature of 200 degrees. Cooking should take about 20 minutes or until the surface of your cacciannanze prove to be perfectly golden. At that point,, baked and served piping hot.

Today in local clubs, the cacciannanze is served in slices, as an aperitif, accompanied with cooked wine, Another great product from this territory.

The cacciannanze
How to prepare the cacciannanze

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