Rising in the Summer with the Heat

Rising in the Summer with the Heat

Rising in the Summer with the Heat. As I always recommend, every holy day, during our professional courses to become a pizza chef in our school, Pay attention to the leavening.

Leavening is one of the 300 and more chemical processes that occur during the pizza preparation phase, it is so fast that it can be seen with the naked eye.

What to do in hot weather to control leavening

It is clear that before rolling out the ball we must wait for the leavening to have reached a sufficient stage, and this happens very quickly in the hot summer.

It is also true that the perfect pizza is not obtained when the leavened dough is in its descending phase, when it starts to smell of acid so to speak.

Rising in the Summer with the Heat

Someone should explain to these guys who pass themselves off as pizza chefs that refrigerators have long been invented, the fridge in addition to the classic use made of it for maturation (I really hope it gets done) it is also used to check the dough.

Going around pizzerias I see scandalous things, pizzas with shapes more similar to a square than to the classic round pizza. I understand that when you are in a hurry you don't mind these little things, but ... we are sure?

Summary on leavening

Leavening it's important, but you don't have to get the dough to "pierce" otherwise we are no longer talking about pizza.

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Silvio Cicchi