The Pizza Smoked

The Pizza Smoked. This yummy pizza is unique of its kind, Made with ingredients that come from a preservation process called Affumicatura or smoked. E’ an ancient technique used for the cooking and preservation of foods. The food is exposed to smoke produced by the combustion of particular woods that have a low content of resin. If you want to explore this topic you can consult wikipedia by clicking this link.

The most widely used for the smoking wood is the alder, now replaced by oak, beech, maple and some fruit trees such as apple and cherry.

The Pizza Smoked
The Pizza Smoked

In addition to wood it is also possible to use other types of fuels. Many North Americans usually use corn to smoke them ham or bacon. Very common is the use of peat smoke to produce fantastic whiskeys and beers.

For all those who adore these flavors “strong”, in our country there are many smoked products to produce delicious pizzas. There suggest some that are available on the shelves of most supermarkets:

The popular smoked scamorza used by many pizza makers to give an edge to some pizzas, The smoked cheese, bacon from the stronger flavor than the classic bacon used for the carbonara or amatriciana sauce for. Prague ham, Smoked ricotta cheese or smoked salmon that you'll definitely tasted during the Christmas holidays and year-end.

The Pizza Smoked
The Pizza Smoked

There are some ingredients that are a perfect fit with these products and are smoked: the speck, onions and potatoes.

With this long list of delicious ingredients it is really easy to make your own choice to prepare a fantastic “Smoked Pizza”.

My recipe calls for the use of onions, smoked cheese, bacon cubes, a few slices of ham Prague frayed pieces and freshly baked pizza we add a few slices of bacon.

The Pizza Smoked
The Pizza Smoked

The Pizza Smoked


To get a good pizza we begin with the purchase of the right flour to get a good dough. For those who do not have any experience about flour, suggest a quick read of our Driving to the flour for pizza.

Prepare a good dough and give him the right rising time depending on the strength (The) the flour used.

After the delicate phase of the rising, past the drafting. I recommend, it is strictly manual, without use of the rolling pin. If you have no experience in the handmade pizza drafting, I suggest you read our article entirely dedicated to the drafting of the pizza with your hands. It contains videos which explain clearly how to get a perfect pizza.

Seasoning: Add the pasta discs tomato aid of a spoon, the onions cut into thin slices, bacon, diced, ham prague frayed into pieces and finally the thin slices of smoked cheese.

Bake in preheated oven at 300 degrees for a few minutes. Once the edge is golden at the right point-baked pizza and add a few slices of bacon.

I recommend, pizza served to your guests hot.


The Pizza Smoked

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An excellent full-bodied red wine could be the right wine to match with this pizza for lovers of strong flavors.

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