The Pizza Baby in the Pizzeria

The Pizza Baby in the Pizzeria

The Pizza Baby in the Pizzeria. Baby pizza is not in pizzeria. This is the complaint received from a consumer association a few weeks ago.

It's true, there are very few pizzerias that churn out baby-sized pizzas in Italy. Almost all of them are located in the north of our beautiful country

Because you can't find pizza baby

Unfortunately, in southern Italy there is the discipline of Neapolitan pizza, a standard of weight of the balls is used which varies from 200 to 280 grams.

This is the reason why you cannot find a smaller sized pizza. But even in northern Italy it is not at all easy to find a baby pizza on the pizza menu.

The Pizza Baby in the Pizzeria

Until now this seems to have never been a problem, usually the father and mother cut a wedge which is usually enough for the baby, who seems to be more attracted to fries with ketchup or mayonnaise, or from a hamburger given the young age.

It is really difficult to be able to please all customers since everyone has their own tastes and habits.

Conclusions on pizza baby

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