The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta. This delicious pizza is for sure the most in demand in pizzeria, famous in Italy and around the world. Much of the popularity is due to the fact that there has long been the recipe for pasta with mushrooms, then from pasta to pizza the way it was short and inevitable.

The strangest thing however, It is that there is absolutely no uniformity on ingredients and different recipes that make up the sauce for pasta or pizza topping.

The variants in Italy and around the world are truly amazing and endless. I happened to find the different menus of pizza ingredients that require the preparation of this pizza with porcini mushrooms, Champignon mushrooms, sausage, bacon, ham, until it arrives in the south of the peninsula where it is prepared with addition of eggplant or the inevitable boiled egg. But what is the original recipe?

There is an original recipe, as it should be (Fortunately) each region tries to give the best of itself and offers its typical products.

now from 40 years I prepare my boscaiola pizza like this:

Mozzarella, mushrooms and hearty ham before serving at the table.

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta

Prepare the.

All readers of our blog know definitely prepare the dough for pizza. For the less experienced, we have made them our previous post dedicated entirely to the preparation of the dough that you can find by following this link.


When you have finished preparing the mix, cut it into balls 250/270 grams and let rise for a shorter or longer period depending on the type of flour you've used. For those who want to learn more about the leavening or what to use flour to prepare the dough for pizza, They can explore these topics by clicking on these links:

Which flour used for the dough for pizza


The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta
Add a generous layer of mozzarella

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The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta
Add the mushrooms

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta


Compilation of pizza. After the leavening, roll out the pizza, no, not with a rolling pin please, do it with your hands, if you are not experts will be enough to watch our videos dedicated to the preparation of pizza. Click this link to become in a few minutes of the pizza makers experts, stuff to do envy of all your friends and girlfriends.

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta
Bake the pizza in 300 degrees


Add the pasta discs a generous layer of mozzarella cheese for pizza, the mushrooms cut into thin slices and bake at 300 degrees in your oven preheated. The cooking time will be approximately 3 or 4 minutes (It depends on the type of oven).

When the edge of your pizza will be perfectly golden baked your pizzas.

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta
Baked pizza

Add the prosciutto and ….. Bon Appetite.

The Pizza Boscaiola Videoricetta
Add the prosciutto

Prepare your Boscaiola pizza following the video made by the students of our school in pizza. If you would like more information about professional courses of pizza we do in the laboratories of the pizza school, click here.


Wikipedia devotes much space to the various toppings for pizza. If you are interested follow this link.

Good pizza at all.


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