The pizza in Brazil

The pizza in Brazil

The pizza is the world's most popular Italian dish., During my travels in Brazil, I could not help but notice how this dish is popular in this land. Much of this credit goes to all the Italian immigrants from 1800 onwards they moved to this beautiful country. Today pizza has become part of the Brazilian culture, and is a food habitual, and in many traditional recipes, you made some interesting variations of ingredients to adapt to different cultures and local tastes.
I found online an interesting article written by the magazine Super interesting that he says that in Brazil there are currently 50.000 pizzerias, half of which appears to be in the state of Sao Paulo, and seguire Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais and Bahia.
As in any other part of the world, every city has its preferences, and below a chart to show the tastes of the people Brazilian.
The Pizza in Brazil

Graph The pizza in Brazil
Graph The pizza in Brazil

Summary data:

  • Most of the nation prefers a thin paste
  • The edge is an average of 2,6 cm
  • On average are used 275 grams of pizza mozzarella
  • On average are added 10 olives on each pizza.
  • Only 5% consumer, asks a sweet pizza.:

We observe now the preferences for each city:

Sao Paulo

  • The Pizza Margherita (mozzarella pizza)
  • The Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • The Pizza "Portuguese" with chicken and catupiry (pizza "Portuguese" is with boiled eggs, pepperoni, onions and corn)

La São Paulo pizza: São Paulo is the only city where a good mozzarella dominates the palate, despite being the only place where the pepperoni pizza without cheese is. In addition to, only in São Paulo is the preference for pizza dough of medium thickness.

Some pizzas a bit 'exotic: pizza al sushi, pizza to cabbage and butter

Porto Alegre

  • The Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • The Pizza "Portuguese"
  • The Pizza with chicken hearts, Neapolitan pizza and pizza margherita

The inhabitants of Porto Alegre are "gauchos" also in pizza: between the demands are more typical pizza with little hearts and chicken pizza with strogonoff.

The pizzas more exotic: pizza with veal cutlet, con skirt steak (a cut of beef) and carpaccio

Chart pizza in brazil

Rio de Janeiro

  • Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)
  • Pizza margherita
  • Pizza "Portuguese"

Brazilians like sweets and this is borne out by statistics on pizza, while nationally requests sweet pizzas amounted to 5% of total orders, the Rio de Janeiro Arrivano al 15%, in some pizzerias even to 30%

Belo Horizonte

  • Pizza margherita
  • Pizza con pollo and catupiry
  • Pizza pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)

Region famous for the production of cheese, pizza in Minas Gerais is preferanza with dairy

The most original: pizza with melted cheese and Parma ham

Salvador de Bahia

  • Pizza "Portuguese"
  • Pizza con pollo and catupiry
  • Pizza margherita or pepperoni (pepperoni pizza)

Not one of the top 3 but then the pizzas more traditional preference for Bahian goes for pizza with prawns, fish or seafood.

The more exotic: pizza with cod frayed, egg and fresh coriander.

(source: Chart pizza - Super Interesting)

The pizza in Brazil
Pizza Margherita
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