The Pizza Prosciuttella

The Pizza Prosciuttella

The Pizza Prosciuttella. I remember in my childhood when my mother sent me to the local supermarket by bicycle to buy some cold cuts for a snack, there was a wide selection to choose from, I liked a particular salami: The Prosciuttella. More and more difficult today to find in large supermarkets, the Prosciuttella seems to be slowly disappearing, fewer and fewer specialized companies produce it, for those unfamiliar with it it is a typical salami with a shape that resembles a little mortadella but flat, contains a mix of cooked ham and mortadella.

This week in our pizza school Mr. Nuno came to visit us from the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal. Nuno had never tasted Prosciuttella, being a typical Italian salami. Here is that during the preparation of our morning breakfast I decided to prepare the Prosciuttella pizza.

The Pizza Prosciuttella
The Pizza Prosciuttella

The Pizza Prosciuttella

I invite all gourmands to prepare this pizza next weekend, when you prepare the usual pizza at home. Take care to buy a good cooked ham and a good quality mortadella, are the basic requirements for the success of this pizza.

Another tip I can give you, is not to use mozzarella for the topping of this delicious pizza, but add cooked ham and mortadella only after cooking, perhaps baking a simple marinara with garlic, then add everything.

The Buonissima Prosciuttella

The preparation video will certainly help you.


The Top Prosciuttella

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Prosciuttella for Gourmets

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