Daisy With Dried Tomatoes

Daisy With Dried Tomatoes. This week, we had Chef Samira as a guest in our professional pizzaiolo courses at our school. chef Samira, Colombian DOC, He wanted to prepare a simple Margherita with an addition of delicious dried tomatoes.

It was a long time since I tasted a pizza like this at breakfast.

Daisy With Dried Tomatoes
Daisy With Dried Tomatoes

Daisy With Dried Tomatoes

We begin with the preparation of this simple pizza that you can easily prepare even at home following our video.

For the less experienced, there is a fantastic Driving to the flour for pizza, which one to buy to get a perfect pizza.

To prepare the mixture we followed the classic recipe here.

After a long leavening phase of 24 ore a 3 degrees, We spread the balls

Seasoned with a layer of tomato, a generous layer of mozzarella and finally dried tomatoes well distributed on the surface of the pizza.

After having brought the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees abundant, you can bake our pizzas.

Using the classic shovel pizza maker, bake the pizzas.

In 3 minutes the edge of your pizza will be perfectly golden, so your pizza out of the oven and serve it piping hot to your guests.

Below the video of Samira Chef who prepares the daisy with sun-dried tomatoes.



 Daisy With Dried Tomatoes

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