Peppers and Chicken Pizza Delicious

Today I propose a pizza that we can easily classify in the category of "light", The pepperoni pizza and chicken, delicious pizza, He loved both by adults and children, pizza for those who are always on a diet. In fact this pizza has a low calorie content thanks to the white meat of chicken which as is known are low in fat and the lightness of the peppers.

Peppers and Chicken Pizza Delicious
Peppers and Chicken Pizza Delicious

This pizza has a base topped with tomato, chicken and peppers cut into strips previously tantalizingly. At this pizza is not added mozzarella not excessively increase the intake of calories, but only the parmesan shavings on the surface of the pizza once baked.

We begin browning the chicken with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add the peppers into strips, some odor, aggiustiamo di sale, Once ready let him cool.

Peppers and Chicken Pizza Delicious
Peppers and Chicken Pizza Delicious

We prepare the dough to make pizza.

Let dough rise

We prepare the pizzas.

Roll out the balls of your leavened dough until the dough disks with a diameter of about 30 cm, Add the tomatoes with a spoon, chicken and peppers that you prepared earlier and our pizzas are ready to fire.

Preheat your oven at home to the maximum temperature (220/250 degrees), When it is hot, bake your pizzas for about fifteen minutes or until the board it will prove to be perfectly golden.

Indescribable pleasure that you can try, combining this delicious pizza with an excellent white wine "Passerina"Territories Offidani.

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