For fields in search of wild beets

This morning I woke up early, seeing that it was a beautiful day I decided to do my usual walk in the fields in search of edible herbs. To my amazement, I noticed a large amount of beets that were just waiting for someone to gather. I'm talking about large beets to coast, no sugar beets or turnips. There are many varieties of spinach, the man cultivated for thousands of years, then they have developed many subspecies. A bit 'of clarity Beta vulgaris (this is its Latin name):

Beta vulgaris, vulgaris subspecies sub cycles variety cycles are the beet leaves, with green leaf and thin ribs.

(those that I found I) Beta vulgaris, subspecies vulgaris, sub-cycles, variety flaviscens are chards, with green leaf and white thick ribs, more or less fleshy.

Beta vulgaris, subspecies vulgaris, sub vulgaris are the beets grown for their roots:

– variety = high sugar beets, similar to large carrots white.

– variety vulgaris = red beet and turnip.

In addition to these sub and subspecies, There are several hybrids with longer roots, or larger or particular colors, and larger leaves, fuller, or ribs of colors bizarre.

Swiss chard

In this period, if it happens to you to take a walk in nature in fallow fields, you will find many chards, white and fleshy, delicious to cook at home. Take care not to tear the roots, but to cut the leaves with a knife 2 inches from the base, so other leaves grow back later. Go blanched 10 minutes then sauté with garlic and other herbs to your taste. A great dish, the flavor of wild beets not treated with any pesticide or fertilizer, is far superior to those that we can find in any supermarket, and if that were not enough all this .... the you will find you and you will have breathed fresh air walking in the fields saving surely many euro.

Herbs, beets
The chard to coast wide

Always remember that when you go in search of edible wild herbs, it is always advisable to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Do not pick herbs on roadsides or in parks frequented by dogs or other animals
  2. Do not pick anything you do not know
  3. Do not let the grass collected in plastic bags and not keep it crowded: arrived home distributed grass that is not consumed immediately on sheets of newspaper or wood panels, better yet let it dry in the sun. In any case smuovetela frequently.
  4. Do not pick up diseased plants or moldy

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If you want to learn more about the beets, you can consult the encyclopedia wikipedia.

Swiss chard

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