Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts

Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts

Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts. With the arrival of the warm season renews the kitchen. Finally arrive fresh ingredients and zero kilometer. This morning at the local market of vegetables I bought the first peppers of a local producer. I have purchased three. My second purchase was that of nuts. Belle, large and very good for my project with pesto with red peppers and walnuts, They also rich in oil and flavors.

The preparation of pesto sauce with peppers was rapid. We put in a mortar peppers into small pieces, and delicious shelled nuts. We've added a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and our pesto is ready.

Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts
Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts

The preparation of pizza dough.

We used a strong flour, leaving it to mature 3 degrees in cold storage for 24 hours.

The result has been outstanding. A perfect combination of flavors. In the video below, during the course of a professional pizza maker at our School Pizza, Marta prepares this delicious pizza. Follow carefully the video.

Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts







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Pizza Peppers Pesto and Walnuts

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