Pizza Al Pesto

Pizza Al Pesto. We come again, Today we will prepare a delicious pizza margherita pesto. The idea came as usual in our laboratories of pizza school. The host of this week that is carrying our professional course to become pizza chefs professionals is Mr. Domingos, from Portugal.

Pesto is one of the classics of Italian cuisine seasonings. It has Ligurian origins, this is often called "Pesto sauce”. The main ingredient that makes this sauce is basil "Ocimum Basilicum”.

The pesto is obtained by crushing (stirring with pressure) salt, pine nuts and garlic. It is added to all the Parmesan, pecorino cheese and excellent extra virgin olive oil.

We are talking about a cold amalgamatura, a raw sauce so that the ingredients retain unaltered its organoleptic properties.

This created our own version of pizza margherita at which the pesto is added only when it is baked, to oil. It 'the only way that you can feel and enjoy full for all the flavors of this special sauce.

Pizza Al Pesto
Pizza Al Pesto

Pizza Al Pesto

The Preparation of the track

Guide to the flour for pizza: What to buy

Preparing the mix.


Compilation of pizza

Watch the video of Domingos while preparing the pizza with pesto.


Pizza Al Pesto

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