Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe

Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe. From one of the last trips to Spain, I added to my store of knowledge a very good pizza. This is the "Pizza Barbacoa", named in the Valencia region. Unknown in Italy, but much, very popular in Spain. Nothing complicated, but with a unique flavor. It is of a daisy with bacon to which is added the BBQ sauce before being baked in the oven. The BBQ combined with bacon sauce, made crispy by rapid browning Pizza Oven, They are made absolutely one for the other.

This week, in our laboratories where we carry out our professional pizza maker courses, Afonso arrived from Portugal you'll see in the video below just as she prepares a delicious pizza Barbecue.

Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe
Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe

Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe


The preparation of this pizza is very simple, suitable for all, even those who are just starting out.

You will need a W270 flour, if you do not know which to buy flour, I suggest you take a look at our useful "Guide to the flour for pizza”.

After 24 hours of leavening, roll out the pizza, add a light layer of tomato, a generous layer of mozzarella, the bacon into thin slices and finally season with the BBQ sauce before baking.

Oven at 300 abundant degrees and your delicious pizza is ready and gilded by turning out in just over 3 minutes.

Serve hot with your lucky guests. The BBQ sauce just hot out of the oven combined with crispy bacon, It gives a nice extra flavor to your pizza.

Afonso while preparing the pizza BBQ


Barbacoa Pizza Video Recipe

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