Bismark Tasty Pizza Recipe

Pizza Bismark. In the present day. It is called “alla Bismark” any dish, pizza or other food that provides coverage with fried eggs. But who was this Bismarck?
Bismark was the Iron Chancellor who adored eggs. I also ate 12 at a time, to him it is attributed the saying saying: “those who work a lot, It must eat well and wash it all”.

pizza bismark
Bismark pizza with asparagus

Dominated the political life of Europe for about 30 years until 1890, wine lover, beer and champagne.
Contrary to its name this dish, this type of recipe is not part of the traditional cuisine of Germany, but it dates back to the Triple Alliance (1882) between Italy, Austria and Germany.
The pizza they immediately borrowed this recipe, adapting to the various toppings on pizza.
There are many types of Bismark pizza, I mention only a few of the most famous:
Bismark pizza with asparagus and eggs, bismark pizza with bacon, onion and eggs. They are certainly not part of the class “light”, but they are also required to meet the tastes and palates and strong smoking.

Bismark Tasty Pizza Recipe


pizza bismark
Bismark pizza with bacon egg and onion

We come to the preparation of this yummy pizza:
We will use the classic dough for pizza and those less experienced, can see our previous post: Dough for homemade pizza.
After the mixing phase, dividetelo in 4 parts and formed four balls, deposit them in a container with a lid and let it rest for about an hour for the rising.

Bismark Tasty Pizza Recipe

pizza bismark
Pizza Bismark

Completed the leavening phase, roll out the balls of dough to form 4 discs of dough by the diameter of 30 centimeters.
Pour the tomato based, add a generous layer of mozzarella, a few slices of bacon and bake in your oven previously heated to a temperature of 200/250 degrees. The cooking time can vary from oven to oven, but keep in check the browning of the edge of your pizzas, when it begins to brown, add the egg to the center of your pizzas and put them back in the oven for a few more minutes. The egg will only take a few minutes to finish cooking.
A great red wine is the perfect match for this pizza.
Did you already know this pizza? how do you make pizza Bismark at your house? leave us your recipe in the comments on this page.
If you want to know more about Chancellor Otto Von Bismark, consultation wikipedia.