Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza

Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza

Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza. Today's recipe is one of the most classic summer pizzas. For those who do not want to give up the tried and tested Daisy taste, Today we offer a truly refreshing pizza.

For those who have forgotten him, the pizza was born as a poor man's dish, for this reason we suggest that you always use a few ingredients, but quality. The combination of artichokes along with ripe cherry tomatoes, readily available this season, It is one of the most successful approaches to be able to offer your lucky guests.

Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza
Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza

The season ended for artichokes recently, many of you have surely thought of preserving the artichokes in oil and then use them during the times of year when it becomes difficult to obtain. This is the right time to pull out one of your artichokes prepared jars months ago. For those less fortunate who do not have in their pantry personal escort, remember that you can find them on the shelves of supermarkets all year. Do not buy artichokes broken up into leaves, but if you can buy the whole artichokes that include leaves and funds, they taste better.

Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza

We prepare the dough for pizza. For friends inexperienced, Remember, it is available on our previous post that explains step by step how to prepare the perfect pizza dough. You'll find it by clicking this link.


After you have finished the dough, cut into pats by 250/270 grams, put it in a container with a lid and leave to rest for leavening.

The drafting

Roll out the dough balls to form discs with a diameter of at least 30 cm. For those less experienced in drafting, we recommend reading our article devoted entirely to the drafting of the pizza, click here.

The dressing.

Add the tomato, i carciofini, the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Oil, salt and oregano and bake in your oven pre-heated to 300 degrees for 3 the 4 minutes, the weather can vary from oven to oven, when the edge of the pizzas will be perfectly golden, baked.

Add an extra virgin olive oil and a few leaves of fresh basil.

Serve piping hot pizza to your guests.

Artichokes and Cherry Tomato Pizza

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