Pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes

Pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes

Pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes. Despite Covid, the winter season is already planned. In a few months all the pizzerias in the mountains on the snow will reopen. As every year, emails begin to arrive at our school with requests for pizza chefs from various locations around the world.

This morning I made some phone calls between the guys who took the course and to my great satisfaction I couldn't find one who was unemployed. This is reality, the figure of the pizza chef is an increasingly sought-after job. I suggest you sign up for one of our professional practical courses that we organize in our pizza school. See how to sign up.

Pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes
Pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes

Anchovies, rocket and potatoes

The pizza that I suggest today is one of a kind, delicious and to lick i moustache. It is a classic tomato-based pizza with the addition of anchovies, garlic and rosemary. After cooking, we added fresh rocket and grilled diced potatoes.

I used the verb "we" because as you well know, actually I'm not making the pizzas, but they are made by the students who sign up for my weekly Professional workshops, that come from all over the world. At the end of the course they are already able to prepare excellent pizzas and most of them will soon open their own pizzeria.

Delicious pizza

Below is the video of the preparation of this delicious pizza.


A super pizza with anchovies, rocket and potatoes

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I end by reminding everyone who does not have the time or resources to come here to our school for a practical course, that here on our site there is a fantastic “Online Pizzaiolo Course” available for everyone that you can follow from the comfort of your home, directly from your PC or phone. To find out more, follow this link.

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Silvio Cicchi