Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe. This week's guest at our School Pizza Mr. Fernando from Santiago (Chile). He is playing a practical course, on his return to Chile will open their own pizzeria. He chose our professional course that is a very complete course, very suitable for those who plan to open their own business pizzeria anywhere in the world.

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Mr. Fernando is already at a good point of the course, already it possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the flour, He knows the doughs, rising and already has a decent manual in the opening of the pizza as you can clearly see from the video taken during the preparation of the pizza with onions and sausage.

This pizza is present in all the world menu, and if it is not present, you can request it at the time because the ingredients that compose it are always present on the pizza counter in all pizzerias.

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe
Our pizza with onions and sausage

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe

To prepare this pizza we used the tomato, fresh sausage crumbled over the entire surface of the pizza, a red onion, finely sliced ​​and added a generous layer of mozzarella.

The firing took less than 4 minutes in an oven at 300 Celsius degrees.

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe
The pizza prepared by Fernando

Pizza with Onion and Sausage Recipe

Below the video of the preparation of this pizza.

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If in your family it happens frequently make pizza at home on the weekends, and you are going to improve yourself in the preparation of this dish that represents our culture worldwide, I remind you that it is available on our website a fantastic course online professional pizzaiolo. It's perfect, accessible simply by logging into our website, It contains many videos, tips and advice to prepare at home a pizza to your own quality as that of the pizzeria in your home.

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